Opening Our Future!

Individual future

Each of us has a different future, of course. That means everyone has own future and no one can live others life and future. How is an individual future created? It depends on what kind of thought you have in your mind because your thought leads your life. What you think is what you are. This is the truth not only spirit world but also in this world. It means if you have a dark thought which is a negative mind, it manifests into a spiritual world first then it will appear in this world soon or later. Your thinking is a creator of your life. Therefore we should have a constructive, bright, and positive thoughts within our mind. That creates a bright future in front of you.

How to create our future?

Before I knew this law I had been thinking that our future is always coming to us no matter what you do. It means we cannot create our future not only individual future but also a future of humankind. Only we could do is to accept it or not, or how we can manage it. So I was relying on fortune tellers or an astrology to foresee what kind of future I will have. However since I met true teachings I never augur my future again because I learned I can create my own future by using my thoughts. After that I met some fortune teller who said that if you have a faith in God and you, you won’t be affected by those telling your future.

Corrective thoughts

You can create your future with your own thought’s power. In the same way as this fact we can create our society’s future! It is the same as each person’s future is formed by his own thought, our future is created as well as an individual future. Our thoughts that is a corrective thoughts create our future. For example if most of the people in that age or country filled with a pessimistic and negative thought their future will be dismal. Conversely, if they are optimistic and positive, their future will be bright.

In order to create a bright future for the next generation we have to influence each one of us to be positive and bright. It is important to encourage each other not to be obsessed by dark thoughts because our corrective thoughts determine our future whether it is dark or bright.

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2 thoughts on “Opening Our Future!

  1. Absolutely! The basic foundations of karma. What you’re putting out, you’ll get in return. You will reap what you sew; so if you’re sewing negative thoughts into the soil of your reality, you’re gonna grow some pretty negative surroundings.

    I’ve been giving thought to these ideas. How my reality/existence is basically my consciousness magnetizing everything into my perception. That which I gives my focus to, is what is drawn to me. I am manifesting the experiences I want by my thoughts. I love it. Definitely gives the “power” back to me.

    Much love!

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