Learn from a Failure

Last night I conducted some service that I was in charge as a new project. Since it was new project, the situation surrounded around me was so severe, it was a situation that failure was not allowed. In that sense, I intended to do the preparation very well, but actually it was failed for me. On the way to return to my home, usually I read or write this blog, but I couldn’t do anything because I was filled with a sense of defeat which I can not say anything.

Yet, at that time I couldn’t think or do anything, I tried to do reflect my mind and reviewed the process that I did, even it was so painful feel like stabbing a pin into a wounded part. However, I could find some very important things and hints for the next(if it exist) . It was a moment that I learned something so useful for me.

A life is filled with success and failure. No one can win forever as long as you fight or you never fail unless you don’t do anything or challenge. It is inevitable. The important thing is to discover new things or learn from a failure. Actually it is very painful because you don’t want to see your miserable scene again, however it is very important to attain some lessons to be useful for the next.

If I had a next chance I would like to try the things that I have learned from my this failure. Moreover, even I might fail again, but with a strong mind I would like to get some of juice from the failure.

Failure is very sad and very painful, people sometimes laugh on you, but if you learn from it, you will become a winner rather than a loser. Learning from failure is not easy but it is very successful way to live because that is one of the meanings of living in this world. I hope I will not fail again, hopefully anymore but it is impossible so if I failed again I will do what I did this time and get another wisdom again.