What is Arhat? 2

First, aim to achieve the state of arhat. You will discover the world of true awakening only when you reach an even higher level of enlightenment than that of the sixth dimension.

What is the deeper awareness, the higher enlightenment that transcends the enlightenment of arhat? The state of enlightenment above arhat is known as tathata. When you attain tathata, you can receive guidance from spirits at higher levels of Heaven and commune with them spiritually. These Guiding Spirits are from the seventh dimension or above, and usually reside in a higher world than the world of your own guardian spirit. When you reach this state, you are virtually indomitable. Except under the most extreme conditions, you will no longer fall into the hands of devils and demons. Once you start receiving guidance from Tathagatas and bodhisattvas, you emit light that fends off all evil.

When you attain the state of tathata, arrogance is no longer possible; you are always humble. Your main concern is finding ways to help and serve others, save those lost in life, and contribute to the world. Conceit is the main reason people fall from the state of arhat, but once you achieve the indomitable state of tathata, you no longer have egotistical or self-centered thoughts and desires. Your mind always remains calm. It is at this stage that you can practice Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration in the truest sense.

In the state of tathata, you also gain a new spiritual ability. Then, as you approach the next level of awareness-the state of boundless perception-you attain a complete understanding of other people, even if they are hundreds of miles away. For example, just by bringing someone’s name to mind, you can instantly grasp her current state, her worries, and the spirits that are influencing her, as well as gain access to all her past lives and her future incarnations, even if that person is on the opposite side of the globe. This is a remarkable ability, however it’s important to keep refining and deepening your love and wisdom and not become completely absorbed in the power of second sight.

From “The Laws of The Sun”

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