Spiritual Illnesses

I was waiting for changing a signal from red to green at the intersection, after it turned to green, I crossed the intersection, but some woman who was riding a bicycle with two kids waiting at the other side for changing the signal still didn’t move at all. Her face was so dismal and no emotional. It seemed like she had something to think seriously.

What is a spiritual illness? When you have too much pressures from others in a life, especially from your boss, supervisor or not only a person but also financially, you would become a spiritual illness. We call it 霊障 (reishou). Sometimes it causes depression or not only a mental illness but also physical illness such as cancer or stroke.

What kind of pressures do we have? If the deadline is so tight and your work is not going well, it is so much pressure for us. Or if you got so much responsibility that is far beyond your capabilities, it will become so pressure for us. In other case, if you are in financial difficulties, payment due is so close, it would be a pressure for us.

What another element causes spiritual illness? It is a stress. It is even the kind of the same as pressure, but it’s a very crucial element of becoming spiritual illness. What kind of stresses do you have in our life? We feel stress from relationships, or if the things we expected didn’t go well, we usually feel stress. Also your goal is too high and too difficult to achieve, it is so stressful, too. Nowadays, those who are living in a modern society cannot escape from stress, especially if you live in a big city, like from a driving commute.

Therefore, we have to learn how to deal with those stress and pressure. Otherwise we would die easily in very complex and busy society. There are a slew of managing stress, meditation is one of them. So let’s practice meditation for reducing our stress and pressure from our daily life to fulfill our mission of life.

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