Fair Play

Japan couldn’t beat Poland yesterday’s game, the score was 0-1 in the World Cup in Moscow. The other team in the Group H – Senegal was also defeated by the opponent, Colombia 0 – 1. Surprisingly enough they are same win – loss, and points they gained in the Group H.

In that case, the final decision was “fair play” rule, which is how many foul-plays they had had in the games in Group H. Japan was two points better than Senegal (Japan’s yellow cards are 4 while Senegal’s one is 6) so that they could go to the next stage – the final 16. It is second time to go to the final 16 for Japan. I hope they go to the final 8.

This means fair play is virtue. Honest and hard work is always right, though it might be wrong for short time in some cases, but long time it never tells a lie. Because it is based on the law of cause and effect.

In the real life, actually people are watching us even they don’t say anything. So if you continue to be honest and do the right things always, soon or later you will be appreciated or admired by those people around you.

I always try to be honest to me, but also try not to tell a lie to other people, too.

Fair and justice is necessary for developing our souls. If you deceive yourself or make excuse to you, you cannot reflect yourself righteously. You lose a great chance to evolve yourself. It should be always a great opportunity to improve yourself by right reflection. However, if you tell a lie to yourself, you won’t learn anything from your failure. Trying honesty to yourself is very painful sometimes, so you don’t want to face to real you. However, to improve yourself, it must be necessary.

To be fair and honest to yourself is not only good for the World Cup but also good for our lives.

From Prosperity Thinking 3

The followings are from the lecture “Prosperity Thinking” by Master Okawa.

That mindset changed when I learned of the expression is “money is time”, the reverse of saying “time is money”. I learned of this way of thinking when I was about 20 and was struck by the truth to it.

“Money is time”, time can be bought with money, means that by having money you can make progress with the your work and that expanding your business becomes easier.

Even with my work, there is a limit to what I can do along, but if there are others to help, the scope of my work can be broadened.

If we take reading books as an example, going to me to a big bookstore to buy boots may be fun, but it’s basically half a day’s work. However, if I have the money to employ a secretary, I can have him go buy books from the bookstore for me. That will save me half a day. I can then use that time to read even more books.

This holds true for work as well. If you have a lot of capital, you can get through your work quickly.

This is also true for happy-science. If we have the accumulation of funds, we can build many branches or build temples to hold seminars, all over Japan. We can also do overseas missionary work. This way we can essentially shorten the time we take to do things. So, it is true, in a sense, that one can buy time with money.

Therefore, if you have worthy goals and motives in the work you are trying to do and you work hard for the benefit of society, then you may find that both “time is money” and “money is time” are true for you.

In this way, my life actually changed considerably by changing my way of thinking when I was young.

What happened to the company president himself is of less concerned; the bankruptcy of the company is it a grave matter for the people working there. Therefore, bankruptcy is a bad thing.

From “Prosperity Thinking” 2

For example, there is a Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, as well as many people who have created major businesses in Japan. If you are rejected all these businesses and thought of all the heads has a major business as Satans from hell, then the people living off their salaries earned by working there were to be minions of those Satans.

However, that’s not the case. If you want to make the world affluent, make people happy and then get wealthy from work that actually accomplish is these goals without harming the world, then that’s not a bad thing.

Recently, such thinking has come up again with the phrase, “unequal society” being used to denigrate economic inequality.

Nowadays, the idea that he rich are evil and the poor righteous does not pass. Wisdom and effort are necessary for attaining success. If we deny such wisdom and effort, the world will become full of lazy people.

That’s why I am advocating the need for equal opportunities. A society is indeed harsh if there is no opportunity given to start a business in the first place or if there is no prospect of a success in life unless one is born into the aristocracy of, as in the old days, the family of feudal lord.

Thus, disparity is inevitable. However, I world where people are envious of those who have found success or treat them as evil just because this disparity exists is not good. We should embrace such people and acknowledge their excellence.

When I was a teenager, I have harbored the same belief I mentioned earlier of fundamental religions, the idea of fundamental Buddhism and Christianity that one cannot serve both wealth and God. This idea was that of honesty and prosperity; I thought that the poor and the pure life was the right way to live.

From “Prosperity Thinking” 1

This is from “Prosperity Thinking” by Master Okawa

“There is a widespread tendency in this word to see those who succeed and accumulate wealth in a negative light. There is represented by the analogy of crabs in the lower part of the bucket using their pincers to pull down the one that tries to escape. What would happen if we develop a culture where the crab that succeeds in escaping teaches the other crabs how to do the same, thus helping them escape, one after another? There would be a position of a successful individuals emerging one after another.

I believe in equal opportunities because it leads to prosperity that comes from freedom. However, I do not necessarily approval of equal results, which is the rationalization of jealousy.

Do not use the words, “reducing inequalities” as an excuse to revive the ghost of Marx. A healthy and inequality encourages others, providing society with motivation and energy. the starting point of prosperity lies in having a positive attitude toward prosperity.

If we narrow our definition of the word success as “getting rich”, then the most important mindset is, don’t reject wealth.

There are quite a number of religious people who have a sense of guilt toward wealth. In religions that existed 2000 years ago or earlier, including Christianity, Buddhism and other religions, wealth was often taught as such and ultimately became synonymous with the devil.

However, other path, the past to progress and prosperity, is also open to us. A person who finds success through wealth chooses this path; whether or not a person chooses this path depends on his lifestyle and aspirations.

Therefore, if I were straightforwardly asked whether the other thought of disapproving wealth, as in the teachings of early Buddhism and Christianity, is correct in the modem age, I would have to say, “No.” ”


Reason Why We Are Here

It is a season very uncomfortable because hot and humid weather. Yesterday and today are between summer and rainy season so that no raining but sunshine brought high temperatures. Without air conditioner it is hard to stay and sleep in the second floor.

In Japan most of adult men are white collar workers. They wear suits and weather shoes in the heavy commute in the trains. As you imagine shoes are so uncomfortable in this weather, though “cool biz” is common now. The followings are from Wikipedia: “The Cool Biz campaign is a Japanese campaign initiated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment from summer 2005 as a means to help reduce Japanese electricity consumption by limiting the use of air conditioning. This was enabled by changing the standard office air conditioner temperature to 28 °C (or about 82 °F) and introducing a liberal summer dress code in the bureaucracy of the Japanese government so staff could work in the warmer temperature. The campaign then spread to the private sector.” That means no tie is allowed as a formal wear in the public office in this season, but not ideally for a salesman.

Japanese society is very restricted comparing to other countries’ one.as you can see a morning gathering, a daily report, and long work. These are typical still in the working place.

There are so much to say about uncomfortable things comparing to the USA, but no excuses. Because everyone chosen the place to be born beforehand. We planned our life before we were born here to evolve our souls. There is a reason why we are here. So accept our circumstances and work hard without any excuses. That is I’m saying to me and miss my life in the USA.

Making a Fortune at a Single Stroke

In Buddhism “Making a furtive at a single stroke” (一攫千金) is not virtue at all because it places an importance on efforts and disciplines. It doesn’t tell a lie by the law of cause and effect.

Check your “Making a furtive at a single stroke” below:

🔲 You buy Lotteries often or want to buy now ?


🔲 You prefer Matsui than Ichiro.


🔲 You don’t set alarm to wake up in the morning?


🔲 You go to bed randomly at night.


🔲 You don’t recite The Dharma of the Right Mind(Shoshinhogo) every day.


🔲 You don’t do exercise regularly.


🔲 You like to bet or gambles.


🔲 You use credit cards for payments usually.


🔲 You don’t save money every month.


🔲 You like investment.


If you have “Yes” more than 6 including 6, you are not Buddhist type.

From Occultism as Power 3

The followings are from “Occultism as Power” by Master Okawa. ”

Aliens travel through other dimensions by spaceship to visit EARTH. Going from there planets to earth takes several light years or tens of light years, so if they were to travel through the third dimension, they would grow too old pretty to the return home, but by passing through other dimensions, they can travel instantaneously.

When the spaceship is passing through another dimension, the passengers also enter the other dimension and, although they may feel that their bodies have not changed, seeing objectively, their bodies are in the completely different state. Where in the body from the word of matter travels through another dimension, it is translated into light energy. Not only the spaceship it’s self, but also the passengers are turned into a mere energy. In other words, they are like souls or death candles. While passing through another dimension, aliens are transformed into energy bodies, but they probably recognize themselves as being the same.

There are also reptile type aliand as depicted in our movie, the laws of the sun. Others are well known gray aliens, which have almond-shaped eyes and are only about 50 inches tall. To be quiet concise, however, the Greys are not true living beings that have been created as a kind of a cyborg.

There are also what are known as the Bigfoot, a race of giant aliens. Their bodies covered with hair, their feet are longer than 24 inches, and they are almost 10 feet tall. They resemble a kind of why yeti or abominable snowman. Actually, on their own planet, these are not the human race But kept as a pets. In earthly terms, they would be like dinosaurs that have developed. Big foots were originally aggressive, combative animals, but since degenerating, they have been tamed and kept as pets.”

brown colour dawn environment
Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

Major Powers

There were two major powers that were USSR and USA. It was a fight between Communism vs. Democracy. After Berlin walls were tore down, USA has become a hegemony..

Now it is approaching the battle between Communism vs. Democracy again. That is the battle between USA and China, however, this time is not just a battle between Communism vs. Democracy. Now China is economically free, but politically communism still. So this time it is the battle between democracy vs. political communism. Still they are fighting economically. However that is fine because they are freely fighting in the same conditions.

Japan was defeated by USA again after physically lost by the war but this time economically. Still it is a fair fight so it should be understood even USA helped China in other to defeat Japan this time as same as WWII.

However, history repeats again. USA has to face the threat of China politically and economically.

This world is established under the influence of the Carole War still. So we have to shift the systems adjusting to the next USA hegemony then the next which is two major powers again.

Twenty century was an experimental stage of Communism vs. Democracy then democracy won. Twenty first century will enter the same scene again, but that is a different challenger China, which has progressed in economically free system, but politically communism. Which will beat? Of course USA should defeat China with cooperation with Japan. Otherwise world will enter a chaos again.

Japan is still in the recovery process from the recession caused by defeated from economic war with USA. It is used be “Japan as number one”. USA had strategy of “Japan bashing” and “Japan passing” which is cooperating with China economically. Now that China is behind USA economically and military. Now Trump administration is aiming to ease this tension.

Once again we have to have peaceful world not by power game rather cooperation between Japan and USA.

From “Occultism as Power” 2

These are from the book entitled “Occultism as Power” by Master Okawa.

” I will venture to talk on the subject of the occult. Today, the word occult conjures up images of grotesque spiritual phenomenon and frightening ghost tales, but here I am going to talk on the subject of the occult from a religious perspective, and I will not use the word count in that type of negative context.

In recent years, sightings of UFOs have become quite common. UFOs have been coming to earth since ancient times, but there has been a remarkable rise in sightings in modern times. This is because ever since people on earth have been able to fly, their outlook and perspective on the sky was space has changed. Things that would have been considered myths in olden times and now being understood as real.

There has been many reports of UFOs describing how they appear and disappear, or move around like ghosts. They are said to disappear and reappear at random, and flicker across the sky. A UFO wall can be picked up on raider when it is visible, but as soon as it disappears, it also vanishes from radar screens. It is a strange phenomenon. According to the law of this word, if one object can be captured on radar, then it should remain there and, likewise, and object that does not register on raider should remain undetectable. A UFO, however, will disappear and reappear physically and on raider.

UFOs operate in the three dimensional world, so they are not entirely spiritual objects. They belong to beings who have foothold here in the three dimensional world. In fact, the inhabitants of other planets know how to travel through the spirit world. They use the route to travel between this world and the next; this shows the level their science has achieved.

At the level of elementary particles, however, it is difficult to say whether they are material objects or not. As can be seen from the equation E = MC2 , matter and energy can be converted to parity, which means that matter and energy are the equivalent of each other. Therefore, scientifically speaking, matter is energy and energy is matter.

Unless scientists take the spirit world into account, it is hard for them to understand this theory. For instance, if somebody performed spoon bending and the spoon broke, a scientist would not believe it, saying that the disappearance of matter where they create a massive explosion like an atomic bomb, release of vast amounts of energy. They think it is possible for a part of the spoon to disappear without a massive release of energy. This may be true according to the science of this word, and that is why it is difficult for scientist to understand it. However, science must advance one more step to the next stage.

That straight line distance between two places may be very long in this world, but if you travel through the fourth dimensional or above, distances in this world are no longer what they seem to be. Four instance, there are say a person enters a marathon and the run 26 miles in a straight line. The distance of 26 miles in an object team fact that cannot be changed. The only way to shorten the traveling time is to use the fast the mode of transport, such as a bicycle, a car, or even a helicopter. That is why, today, scientists strive to produce faster vehicles, such a rockets, in order to shorten the travel time.”

Rainy Day

It raining today from this morning to evening due to raining season. It is so uncomfortable by high humidity. If you are planning to come to Japan, you had better to rethink to come in this time instead in other season if you can, probably until the end of September.

Rainy season ends in a month, but it would be worse with high humidity and high temperatures like over 95 degrees everyday. Summer in Japan is so uncomfortable. I miss California weather even NY’s one, which is much better than the one we have here.

Happiness doesn’t come from outside instead it is coming from inside, it means it’s up to you, how you think is very important. It is said in Buddhism that a snake produces a poison while a cow produces a milk even both drink same water of a river. It is the same story that even we are livening same circumstances but someone becomes happy, someone doesn’t. In a rainy day some are affected, some aren’t.

We are always affected both visible and invisible things. It is no doubt about it. Although it is very true, we should not be affected too much from them. We should not create unhappiness. Rather we have to overcome its situation with our efforts. If you wait for that happiness is coming, it is wasting time, instead we try to make yourself happy with your own power.

Today is rainy day and sky is dark, however, I should not be controlled by this weather. Instead I should be positive.

Inside of mind should be keeping bright like a blue sky no matter what kind of dismal situation we have. Let us not be synchronized with negative conditions. Be positive and constructive!