Something Strange

A couple days ago, my colleague had an opportunity to be taken a spiritual reading because she had experienced some kind of very unusual spiritual phenomena when she was in Philippines. It was that she was scratched her arms and got vertical long scars on both her arms by something unknown. She has wondered what it was for long time.

According to the spiritual reading it was caused by “Youma” (one of elves but like monkey), that’s I heard from her. That existence seems like living for three thousand years as a monkey as an elf but transparent and now he is protecting the president Duterte.

There are so many strange phenomena that we cannot explain around us and our environment. I have seen ghosts so many times actually I felt the existence of ghost when I was young.

I don’t say all these phenomena are caused spiritually but we could say that most of them are caused by spiritual reasons.

In addition that, these are not only caused by spiritual beings but also aliens are affecting our life behind.

Our eyes can see only material things, They cannot see the things beyond this world. Most of the people cannot see, hear, smell or feel the things beyond this third dimension, but few people have abilities to sense invisible things by through their special capabilities.

Some people are very stubborn about above things because they don’t have such capabilities like my friend who never believed the existence of other countries because he haven’t seen them. Only he “believed” was the things he could see. However, if you could see, it is not the act of believe. To believe is an action of guess or accept the things we cannot see.

Anyway, there are so many things even we cannot see and we are always influenced by them. So we have to watch out!!