The Eightfold Path – Right Livelihood

Right livelihood is a balanced life in these three actions. – Integration of three actions: 身・口・意 (physical, verbal, mental actions)

Physical action means a right action. Do you have a bawdy life, such as too much drinking, too much to be idle, adultery, too much absorbed in gambling, abused life by drugs? Also if you are in a improper job, you should not commit it. Check all these actions and correct your life. Verbal action requires harmonized words, it is to use proper words to make a harmonious relationship with others. Proper words create a harmonious life. Your words and deeds are originated from your thoughts so that it is very important to improve your thoughts. In addition that, it is important to consider your life in this world is a time of spiritual training. Do you live each day fully, as if it were your last? Have you lived in harmony, drawing on the Truths as food for your soul? Integrating mental, verbal, and physical actions are right livelihood.

Everyone has equally twenty-four hours a day even you are rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. To live these hours efficiently with accordance to the will of Buddha or God who gave us such a precious day. So we should not waste such a golden day. Since everyone has equally twenty-four hours, fail or success of our life depends on how you use twenty four hours. It determines all in your life by how you treat a day and how you wisely and efficiently you use.

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