Peace on Earth

We are talking about how we can open the bright future that we define as “the golden age” from 2020 to 2037 opening to hold 2020 Olympic in Tokyo. It is a great opportunity for our economy, development, and encountering so many foreigners.

Recently we can see so many foreigners comparing to before but Japan is still closed. I hope through this opportunity Japan will open more and be back on the growth track again. Hopefully Japan can get the number two in economic position taken by China. Because not only Japan but also other countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries close to China, these countries are threatened by the power of China. Indeed, North Korea is also pain in a neck, but it is much less than one from China. If the speed of economical growth of China is the same as now, in a couple decades China will become a great threat even for the US. That is a very critical situation for not only Asian countries but also whole world. Because China is politically one party dominates the country, Xi Jinping will hold his power almost forever. Moreover, their military power and technology have been growing rapidly and expanding their territory by using their force.

Conversely Japanese power and speed of economy is still dull. So Tokyo Olympic 2020 as one of springboard, we would like to make concrete progress again. In order to realize it Japan has to get rid of a masochistic view planted by the loss of WWII. It still prevails throughout the people’s mind.

Japan is the only country and oldest country that has the history continues over two thousand six hundred years succeeded by emperors. The USA is a dream country. So I want to keep its power also. We don’t want to see that USA and China compete each other like it happened before democratic country vs. communist country. Japan must regain its power and cooperate with the USA in order to keep the world peace. That’s I wish.

Aliens and etc.

People around me are a little bit strange because so many people have watched UFOs, but it’s never happened for me. I told this story to one of my acquaintances. Her response was very unusual, too. She said “I have so many times watched UFOs. At beginning I took pictures because they are very rare for me, but I don’t do it anymore. I am tired of taking pictures of them.”

Before we started the survey about aliens, we thought around twenty aliens already in this terrestrial. However, the more proceeding it, the more aliens seem like already in this planet. The most popular are reptilians, vegas, pleiades, nibils, but so many others are already coming to this plant. I guess most of New Yorkers are very likely as described in “Men in Black”.

According to the book entitled “The Laws of The Sun”, men were created four hundred millions years ago, then first immigrants came from the Magellanic Clouds one hundred millions ago. Among them Luciel, one of the seven archangels was there with Enril. After he arrived at the earth he envied Enril then fell into the hell.

Since so many extraterrestrials are already here on earth, we need the thing that can unify these different types of beings. That is a religion. A religion can unify people as one with its custom and rules how to live under a God. Nowadays commutation and transportation technology have been developed so fast that we need a worldwide religion that can integrate all religions. Otherwise religions as reason occur wars. All major religions are taught for happiness for human beings in different area and different age. However the age has passed, people focus on the differences rather than similarities. The Bible and Koran have similar stories. I think that the Supreme God of earth is crying in this situation. I hope we look at similarities rather than differences and love each other instead of hatred.