Tsuyu (Raining Season)

It is now starting raining season called Tsuyu (梅雨) in Tokyo area. It begins usually from a middle of June to a mid of July for about a month. It is so uncomfortable due to high humidity in this period even cooling systems are everywhere around us.

Although we should not to be influenced by the circumstances, pollens season is over then this raining season comes our mind tends to be negative.

We are always affected by outside issues such as a weather, temperature, humidity, economic situation, and even invisible thoughts from others.

That’s why we can make any excuses because we are surrounded by those negative environments. It is easy to make excuses if you could not succeed or not be happy.

However, if you make excuses you cannot become any better, you cannot develop or grow yourself from at that point.

Who creates happiness or unhappiness? Of course if someone gives you a present that you wanted, it makes you happy, or someone treat you very well you become happy, no doubt about it.

However, everyone has own life given by God, our father, and physical father and mother, too. We should appreciate it and make yourself happy not rely on outside matters but by your own power.

Waiting for a rabbit at the same stump is not efficient, rather we should be aggressive to get happiness by moving forward. Even weather is bad, we can do something that make yourself happy like going to a movie. That’s I do today!

photo of person holding red umbrella
Photo by Alonso Romero on Pexels.com

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