From the “The Principle of Channeling”

“The movement to spread the Truth by means of channeling the spirit word started long before the establishment of happy-science. In fact, there has been a grand plan in place for over 150 years. To be more precise, I could say that the year 1848 was critical.

This was the year Karl Marx and Frederick Engels published Manifesto of the Communist Party and it became clear that there would be a trend toward materialism throughout the word. It was predicted that the Soviet Union and China would rise to power, and my materialism would spread and dominate about half the globe.

Therefore, around the same time, a battle was being waged to counteract that materialism. Many kinds of spiritual phenomena began to occur in the United States resulting in the foundation of modern spiritualism. The year this began was 1848.

Besides this, there were many other physical phenomenon caused by spirits, such as objects floating in the air. All this was done to demonstrate the fallacy of materialism. Usually, however, high spirits are not too involved with the physical phenomenon of this word and they are not very skilled at them. The higher dimensions are a world of thought where no physical objects exist, so high spirits do not take much interest in causing physical phenomenon on earth.

When it comes to causing physical phenomenon, spirit who live closer to this word are more skilled. Therefore, high spirits worked with these spirits to make something visible happen. They thought that unless the presence of spirits was demonstrated physically, people on earth would not be able to accept their existence.”

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