From “The Principle of Channeling” 1

Enemies can exist even within religion and this causes endless trouble. Today the church still refuses to accept spiritualism openly, they offer it lukewarm and support, but the truth is that they do not want to believe it’s teachings.

One reason is that jealousy between rivals. Spiritualism is similar to our “new religion” and those who are conservative will always try to defend themselves against popular new trends. Another reason is the fact that spiritual phenomenon have been largely cut out of the Bible. If the Bible contained all the spiritual phenomenon that occurred in that period it covers, then I am sure that people would be more open to the idea of a spiritualism, but they were removed in the editing process, making it difficult for the people in later years to understand spiritual matters.

In Buddhist universities in Japan today, there are many academics who claim that Buddhism does not recognize the existence of spirits and souls. This is lamentable situation. If Buddhism did not recognize spirit or souls, then that would cause serious problems. Whether you call it a soul, spirit, a mental function, and intention, and an immortal intellect, alaya-vijnana (a storehouse of consciousness) or Buddha nature, if there is no spiritual entity that continues after leaving the physical body upon death, then Buddhism is empty belief.

If there is no soul. Then the teaching that “all things are transient” will be, materialistic teaching. It will simply mean that when something breaks, there is the end, when a person dies, that is the end. Even if people are taught to abandon attachments, if life is limited only to this word, then people will choose to live a life of pleasure until the physical death of the body. The teachings will then take on the opposite meaning; people who do not understand spiritual matters will interpret them in this way.

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