Evil spirits attract like.

Recently, one lady was murdered. Her body was found in the place about several ten miles apart from the place where she was abducted by a couple men captured by the surveillance camera. According to the today’s news they met in the some website where they talked to kill someone.

From internet site, “In the interview with the investigators, the men exchanged the so-called “black site” of the Internet, and found that they had met for the first time on the day of the crime. For the black site, in August 2007, in the streets of Nagoya City, 31-year-old female company employee was abducted and murdered by three men, there was an incident that is abandoned in the forest. It was a “dark site” that tied three men who did not have acquaintance.”

As it says this is not the first case that men encountered in the website then committed a murder. It is ridiculous, isn’t it? Why do they do such a unforgivable thing?

There is a spiritual law called “the attraction of same wavelength”, those who have same wavelength attracts each other, “like attracts like”. The news site reported two men, one is in 40s and another one is in 20s were already arrested while another guy has been looking for. Those three men have definitely same wavelength which is very low, dark and negative. Those guys are attracted each other and also evil spirits, too.

This age when we are living is so complicated and frustrated that they often lead our mind negative and low. If you keep it as it is, it is so dangerous attracted by evils. We have to cleanse our mind by some methods like reflective meditation or other techniques like hobbies, sports or etc. Holding negative thoughts such as grudge, hatred, anger, fear, anxiety and so on keep your wavelength of mind very low. Let’s try to keep our mind as clear as possible like blue sky!

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