From “The Principle of Channeling” 3

As long as you live in this world, you cannot escape the mandate task of this word. You will have to devote our certain amount of time to the practical affairs of life, but at the time spent on this work increases, your spiritual qualities will gradually wane. On the contrary, however, if you spend all your time in meditation, then you will not be able to manage you have mundane tasks and problems will occur in your work.

Rajon is always a balance between these two conflicting aspects. Conversely, unless a religion contains those two conflicting facets, then it is not a real the region. If a region is false, then it is possible to concentrate on just one facet. For example, a religion that does not have a spiritual side will be managed purely in a worldly manner.

On the other hand, there are just people who concentrate solely on the spiritual side, such as hermits who spend all their time in retreat from the world. If they spend all their time meditating and training alone, however, then they will not be able to save people. They will not be able to offer salvation to others, but only for themselves.

In the past, before giving a lecture at a large venue, I would go go into seclusion for a month or so. The largest period I spent in retreat was three months, cutting myself off from all contact with the outside world. When I am isolated in this way, however, various problems start to occur in the management of happy-science and, as I work to solve them, the power I have build up through meditation drains away. This happened several times; I would recharge my spiritual power only to see it leak away and disappear.

When evil spirits create a scrum around her psychic in this way, angles can only look on helplessly from a distance and, in many cases, they are unable to help. For this reason, they are are many new religions groups that you that were good in the beginning, but at some point were taken over by evil spirits. You need to know that there is a power that targets religion to prevent them from carrying out their work.

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