The Power of Custom

Below is a Q & A from the book entitled “The power of Personality” by Master Okawa.

Q. I think that it is necessary to keep “good custom” in order to developing individual talents. How can I keep the custom that I decided.

A, You asked me how you can keep your custom in order to develop your abilities. Actually I talked about this topic with my staffs yesterday. They said “Your custom is doing a job because your will power is very strong.”

I told them that “What are you saying? Because of a weak will that I have, I always try to keep a good custom. If you possess a strong will, rather you don’t need a good custom. Just you do a job by using your will. Conversely, if don’t have strong will, you needs costum to get results continuing it day by day. I have published over two thousand three hundred titles of books over thirty years just by my will power. If you try to do it by using your will power, you would not continue it. You just give it up soon even you started.

Therefore, to achieving it is not just using my will power, but it is established by my power of custom.

In order to get big results it is very necessary to forge your good custom of system that is a process for your job once, and to keep it day after day.”

“継続は力なり” in Japanese, in English “Slow but steady wins the race.” It is very true in our life. If you think you feel you don’t have a strong will, you should make a good custom and keep it.

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