Conscious of the Earth

Yesterday we have had a big earthquake at 7:58 in the morning in the western part of Japan, which is around Osaka, one of the major cities in Japan. It was 5.9 magnitude. At beginning it was reported that there are no major damages, however it brought so much confusions all over these areas. Three people were killed and trains were stopped over half days at least.

It remains me “the Hanshin Earthquake” in 1995 also “The San Francisco Earthquake”, actually I have experienced it in 19879 when I was working there. I still remember that it was very hot day even October. I was living in some apartment in Palo Alto at that time, I felt that it was an end of the world because it was like I was jumping on the trampoline and I saw almost 6 feet waves over the pool. Fortunately, nothing happened except a broken fax machine was fixed luckily. After it was ceased, I phoned to my family in Japan to tell I’m fine. After that about a week any calls were connected to there. So I was so lucky that I could tell my situation.

Why does this kind of bug earthquake occur? Physically, it is already explained. No double about that. However, there are spiritual aspects for occurring earthquakes. It is explained that the earth has a conscious. It is called “Gaia”. Since it is like human, if something like unpleasant things happening on the surface of her, she wants to scratch. That’s is why it happens. It is mostly negative minds like people’s strife, disharmony, or disputes so on, also nukes that she wants to scratch. Our minds affect to the earth which is conscious of Gaia so that we have to correct our minds too. Harmony and peace on earth!!

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