From “Occultism as the Power” 1

The following sentences are from the “Occultism as the Power” by Master Okawa.

“There are many cases in which the subjects to complain of nosebleeds and, when their noses checked, small particles of metal found embedded in them. When these people are put under regressive hypnosis, they talk about being abducted by UFOs, but they cannot consciously recall the events. There have been so many cases of this kind; large numbers of people have been abducted and it has become a serious problem.

What is surprising is that aliens are able to I would direct people to the physical barriers such as walls. When an aliens shines some kind of ray on a person, He or she will float in the air and the pass through a closed window or a door as if it did not exist. This phenomenon is similar to what happens when the soul leaves the body during an out of body experience. The nature of this tractor beam emitted from you at UFOs will certainly be examined and researched in the future.

Extraterrestrial are capable of moving between the third and the fourth dimensions and they can even passed through solid walls, so we cannot capture and arrest them. It would be like trying to capture a ghost.

The true recognition of this word it is as follows; the third dimensional room is like the word inside an aquarium and there is a vast and the boundaries world beyond its boundaries. The aquarium and the outside world are not completely separate, however, rather, the aquarium is contained within a vast, limitless world.

Those in the outside world are able to intervene for freely in the word inside the aquarium, for example, putting their hands in, stirring it with a stick, while feeding its inhabitants. For example, humans outside the aquarium at emoji put their hands in and catch one of the fish. The remaining fish are unable to understand what has happened, simply noticing that one of their numbers has disappeared. Sometime later, however, the fish that disappeared is dropped back in from above and all the others are amazed at its sudden reappearance. The abductions by UFOs are similar to this.”

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