Rainy Day

It raining today from this morning to evening due to raining season. It is so uncomfortable by high humidity. If you are planning to come to Japan, you had better to rethink to come in this time instead in other season if you can, probably until the end of September.

Rainy season ends in a month, but it would be worse with high humidity and high temperatures like over 95 degrees everyday. Summer in Japan is so uncomfortable. I miss California weather even NY’s one, which is much better than the one we have here.

Happiness doesn’t come from outside instead it is coming from inside, it means it’s up to you, how you think is very important. It is said in Buddhism that a snake produces a poison while a cow produces a milk even both drink same water of a river. It is the same story that even we are livening same circumstances but someone becomes happy, someone doesn’t. In a rainy day some are affected, some aren’t.

We are always affected both visible and invisible things. It is no doubt about it. Although it is very true, we should not be affected too much from them. We should not create unhappiness. Rather we have to overcome its situation with our efforts. If you wait for that happiness is coming, it is wasting time, instead we try to make yourself happy with your own power.

Today is rainy day and sky is dark, however, I should not be controlled by this weather. Instead I should be positive.

Inside of mind should be keeping bright like a blue sky no matter what kind of dismal situation we have. Let us not be synchronized with negative conditions. Be positive and constructive!