From “Occultism as Power” 2

These are from the book entitled “Occultism as Power” by Master Okawa.

” I will venture to talk on the subject of the occult. Today, the word occult conjures up images of grotesque spiritual phenomenon and frightening ghost tales, but here I am going to talk on the subject of the occult from a religious perspective, and I will not use the word count in that type of negative context.

In recent years, sightings of UFOs have become quite common. UFOs have been coming to earth since ancient times, but there has been a remarkable rise in sightings in modern times. This is because ever since people on earth have been able to fly, their outlook and perspective on the sky was space has changed. Things that would have been considered myths in olden times and now being understood as real.

There has been many reports of UFOs describing how they appear and disappear, or move around like ghosts. They are said to disappear and reappear at random, and flicker across the sky. A UFO wall can be picked up on raider when it is visible, but as soon as it disappears, it also vanishes from radar screens. It is a strange phenomenon. According to the law of this word, if one object can be captured on radar, then it should remain there and, likewise, and object that does not register on raider should remain undetectable. A UFO, however, will disappear and reappear physically and on raider.

UFOs operate in the three dimensional world, so they are not entirely spiritual objects. They belong to beings who have foothold here in the three dimensional world. In fact, the inhabitants of other planets know how to travel through the spirit world. They use the route to travel between this world and the next; this shows the level their science has achieved.

At the level of elementary particles, however, it is difficult to say whether they are material objects or not. As can be seen from the equation E = MC2 , matter and energy can be converted to parity, which means that matter and energy are the equivalent of each other. Therefore, scientifically speaking, matter is energy and energy is matter.

Unless scientists take the spirit world into account, it is hard for them to understand this theory. For instance, if somebody performed spoon bending and the spoon broke, a scientist would not believe it, saying that the disappearance of matter where they create a massive explosion like an atomic bomb, release of vast amounts of energy. They think it is possible for a part of the spoon to disappear without a massive release of energy. This may be true according to the science of this word, and that is why it is difficult for scientist to understand it. However, science must advance one more step to the next stage.

That straight line distance between two places may be very long in this world, but if you travel through the fourth dimensional or above, distances in this world are no longer what they seem to be. Four instance, there are say a person enters a marathon and the run 26 miles in a straight line. The distance of 26 miles in an object team fact that cannot be changed. The only way to shorten the traveling time is to use the fast the mode of transport, such as a bicycle, a car, or even a helicopter. That is why, today, scientists strive to produce faster vehicles, such a rockets, in order to shorten the travel time.”