Major Powers

There were two major powers that were USSR and USA. It was a fight between Communism vs. Democracy. After Berlin walls were tore down, USA has become a hegemony..

Now it is approaching the battle between Communism vs. Democracy again. That is the battle between USA and China, however, this time is not just a battle between Communism vs. Democracy. Now China is economically free, but politically communism still. So this time it is the battle between democracy vs. political communism. Still they are fighting economically. However that is fine because they are freely fighting in the same conditions.

Japan was defeated by USA again after physically lost by the war but this time economically. Still it is a fair fight so it should be understood even USA helped China in other to defeat Japan this time as same as WWII.

However, history repeats again. USA has to face the threat of China politically and economically.

This world is established under the influence of the Carole War still. So we have to shift the systems adjusting to the next USA hegemony then the next which is two major powers again.

Twenty century was an experimental stage of Communism vs. Democracy then democracy won. Twenty first century will enter the same scene again, but that is a different challenger China, which has progressed in economically free system, but politically communism. Which will beat? Of course USA should defeat China with cooperation with Japan. Otherwise world will enter a chaos again.

Japan is still in the recovery process from the recession caused by defeated from economic war with USA. It is used be “Japan as number one”. USA had strategy of “Japan bashing” and “Japan passing” which is cooperating with China economically. Now that China is behind USA economically and military. Now Trump administration is aiming to ease this tension.

Once again we have to have peaceful world not by power game rather cooperation between Japan and USA.