Making a Fortune at a Single Stroke

In Buddhism “Making a furtive at a single stroke” (一攫千金) is not virtue at all because it places an importance on efforts and disciplines. It doesn’t tell a lie by the law of cause and effect.

Check your “Making a furtive at a single stroke” below:

🔲 You buy Lotteries often or want to buy now ?


🔲 You prefer Matsui than Ichiro.


🔲 You don’t set alarm to wake up in the morning?


🔲 You go to bed randomly at night.


🔲 You don’t recite The Dharma of the Right Mind(Shoshinhogo) every day.


🔲 You don’t do exercise regularly.


🔲 You like to bet or gambles.


🔲 You use credit cards for payments usually.


🔲 You don’t save money every month.


🔲 You like investment.


If you have “Yes” more than 6 including 6, you are not Buddhist type.

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