From Occultism as Power 3

The followings are from “Occultism as Power” by Master Okawa. ”

Aliens travel through other dimensions by spaceship to visit EARTH. Going from there planets to earth takes several light years or tens of light years, so if they were to travel through the third dimension, they would grow too old pretty to the return home, but by passing through other dimensions, they can travel instantaneously.

When the spaceship is passing through another dimension, the passengers also enter the other dimension and, although they may feel that their bodies have not changed, seeing objectively, their bodies are in the completely different state. Where in the body from the word of matter travels through another dimension, it is translated into light energy. Not only the spaceship it’s self, but also the passengers are turned into a mere energy. In other words, they are like souls or death candles. While passing through another dimension, aliens are transformed into energy bodies, but they probably recognize themselves as being the same.

There are also reptile type aliand as depicted in our movie, the laws of the sun. Others are well known gray aliens, which have almond-shaped eyes and are only about 50 inches tall. To be quiet concise, however, the Greys are not true living beings that have been created as a kind of a cyborg.

There are also what are known as the Bigfoot, a race of giant aliens. Their bodies covered with hair, their feet are longer than 24 inches, and they are almost 10 feet tall. They resemble a kind of why yeti or abominable snowman. Actually, on their own planet, these are not the human race But kept as a pets. In earthly terms, they would be like dinosaurs that have developed. Big foots were originally aggressive, combative animals, but since degenerating, they have been tamed and kept as pets.”

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