Reason Why We Are Here

It is a season very uncomfortable because hot and humid weather. Yesterday and today are between summer and rainy season so that no raining but sunshine brought high temperatures. Without air conditioner it is hard to stay and sleep in the second floor.

In Japan most of adult men are white collar workers. They wear suits and weather shoes in the heavy commute in the trains. As you imagine shoes are so uncomfortable in this weather, though “cool biz” is common now. The followings are from Wikipedia: “The Cool Biz campaign is a Japanese campaign initiated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment from summer 2005 as a means to help reduce Japanese electricity consumption by limiting the use of air conditioning. This was enabled by changing the standard office air conditioner temperature to 28 °C (or about 82 °F) and introducing a liberal summer dress code in the bureaucracy of the Japanese government so staff could work in the warmer temperature. The campaign then spread to the private sector.” That means no tie is allowed as a formal wear in the public office in this season, but not ideally for a salesman.

Japanese society is very restricted comparing to other countries’ you can see a morning gathering, a daily report, and long work. These are typical still in the working place.

There are so much to say about uncomfortable things comparing to the USA, but no excuses. Because everyone chosen the place to be born beforehand. We planned our life before we were born here to evolve our souls. There is a reason why we are here. So accept our circumstances and work hard without any excuses. That is I’m saying to me and miss my life in the USA.