From “Prosperity Thinking” 2

For example, there is a Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, as well as many people who have created major businesses in Japan. If you are rejected all these businesses and thought of all the heads has a major business as Satans from hell, then the people living off their salaries earned by working there were to be minions of those Satans.

However, that’s not the case. If you want to make the world affluent, make people happy and then get wealthy from work that actually accomplish is these goals without harming the world, then that’s not a bad thing.

Recently, such thinking has come up again with the phrase, “unequal society” being used to denigrate economic inequality.

Nowadays, the idea that he rich are evil and the poor righteous does not pass. Wisdom and effort are necessary for attaining success. If we deny such wisdom and effort, the world will become full of lazy people.

That’s why I am advocating the need for equal opportunities. A society is indeed harsh if there is no opportunity given to start a business in the first place or if there is no prospect of a success in life unless one is born into the aristocracy of, as in the old days, the family of feudal lord.

Thus, disparity is inevitable. However, I world where people are envious of those who have found success or treat them as evil just because this disparity exists is not good. We should embrace such people and acknowledge their excellence.

When I was a teenager, I have harbored the same belief I mentioned earlier of fundamental religions, the idea of fundamental Buddhism and Christianity that one cannot serve both wealth and God. This idea was that of honesty and prosperity; I thought that the poor and the pure life was the right way to live.