From Prosperity Thinking 3

The followings are from the lecture “Prosperity Thinking” by Master Okawa.

That mindset changed when I learned of the expression is “money is time”, the reverse of saying “time is money”. I learned of this way of thinking when I was about 20 and was struck by the truth to it.

“Money is time”, time can be bought with money, means that by having money you can make progress with the your work and that expanding your business becomes easier.

Even with my work, there is a limit to what I can do along, but if there are others to help, the scope of my work can be broadened.

If we take reading books as an example, going to me to a big bookstore to buy boots may be fun, but it’s basically half a day’s work. However, if I have the money to employ a secretary, I can have him go buy books from the bookstore for me. That will save me half a day. I can then use that time to read even more books.

This holds true for work as well. If you have a lot of capital, you can get through your work quickly.

This is also true for happy-science. If we have the accumulation of funds, we can build many branches or build temples to hold seminars, all over Japan. We can also do overseas missionary work. This way we can essentially shorten the time we take to do things. So, it is true, in a sense, that one can buy time with money.

Therefore, if you have worthy goals and motives in the work you are trying to do and you work hard for the benefit of society, then you may find that both “time is money” and “money is time” are true for you.

In this way, my life actually changed considerably by changing my way of thinking when I was young.

What happened to the company president himself is of less concerned; the bankruptcy of the company is it a grave matter for the people working there. Therefore, bankruptcy is a bad thing.

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