Fair Play

Japan couldn’t beat Poland yesterday’s game, the score was 0-1 in the World Cup in Moscow. The other team in the Group H – Senegal was also defeated by the opponent, Colombia 0 – 1. Surprisingly enough they are same win – loss, and points they gained in the Group H.

In that case, the final decision was “fair play” rule, which is how many foul-plays they had had in the games in Group H. Japan was two points better than Senegal (Japan’s yellow cards are 4 while Senegal’s one is 6) so that they could go to the next stage – the final 16. It is second time to go to the final 16 for Japan. I hope they go to the final 8.

This means fair play is virtue. Honest and hard work is always right, though it might be wrong for short time in some cases, but long time it never tells a lie. Because it is based on the law of cause and effect.

In the real life, actually people are watching us even they don’t say anything. So if you continue to be honest and do the right things always, soon or later you will be appreciated or admired by those people around you.

I always try to be honest to me, but also try not to tell a lie to other people, too.

Fair and justice is necessary for developing our souls. If you deceive yourself or make excuse to you, you cannot reflect yourself righteously. You lose a great chance to evolve yourself. It should be always a great opportunity to improve yourself by right reflection. However, if you tell a lie to yourself, you won’t learn anything from your failure. Trying honesty to yourself is very painful sometimes, so you don’t want to face to real you. However, to improve yourself, it must be necessary.

To be fair and honest to yourself is not only good for the World Cup but also good for our lives.