Conscious of the Earth

Yesterday we have had a big earthquake at 7:58 in the morning in the western part of Japan, which is around Osaka, one of the major cities in Japan. It was 5.9 magnitude. At beginning it was reported that there are no major damages, however it brought so much confusions all over these areas. Three people were killed and trains were stopped over half days at least.

It remains me “the Hanshin Earthquake” in 1995 also “The San Francisco Earthquake”, actually I have experienced it in 19879 when I was working there. I still remember that it was very hot day even October. I was living in some apartment in Palo Alto at that time, I felt that it was an end of the world because it was like I was jumping on the trampoline and I saw almost 6 feet waves over the pool. Fortunately, nothing happened except a broken fax machine was fixed luckily. After it was ceased, I phoned to my family in Japan to tell I’m fine. After that about a week any calls were connected to there. So I was so lucky that I could tell my situation.

Why does this kind of bug earthquake occur? Physically, it is already explained. No double about that. However, there are spiritual aspects for occurring earthquakes. It is explained that the earth has a conscious. It is called “Gaia”. Since it is like human, if something like unpleasant things happening on the surface of her, she wants to scratch. That’s is why it happens. It is mostly negative minds like people’s strife, disharmony, or disputes so on, also nukes that she wants to scratch. Our minds affect to the earth which is conscious of Gaia so that we have to correct our minds too. Harmony and peace on earth!!

From “Occultism as the Power” 1

The following sentences are from the “Occultism as the Power” by Master Okawa.

“There are many cases in which the subjects to complain of nosebleeds and, when their noses checked, small particles of metal found embedded in them. When these people are put under regressive hypnosis, they talk about being abducted by UFOs, but they cannot consciously recall the events. There have been so many cases of this kind; large numbers of people have been abducted and it has become a serious problem.

What is surprising is that aliens are able to I would direct people to the physical barriers such as walls. When an aliens shines some kind of ray on a person, He or she will float in the air and the pass through a closed window or a door as if it did not exist. This phenomenon is similar to what happens when the soul leaves the body during an out of body experience. The nature of this tractor beam emitted from you at UFOs will certainly be examined and researched in the future.

Extraterrestrial are capable of moving between the third and the fourth dimensions and they can even passed through solid walls, so we cannot capture and arrest them. It would be like trying to capture a ghost.

The true recognition of this word it is as follows; the third dimensional room is like the word inside an aquarium and there is a vast and the boundaries world beyond its boundaries. The aquarium and the outside world are not completely separate, however, rather, the aquarium is contained within a vast, limitless world.

Those in the outside world are able to intervene for freely in the word inside the aquarium, for example, putting their hands in, stirring it with a stick, while feeding its inhabitants. For example, humans outside the aquarium at emoji put their hands in and catch one of the fish. The remaining fish are unable to understand what has happened, simply noticing that one of their numbers has disappeared. Sometime later, however, the fish that disappeared is dropped back in from above and all the others are amazed at its sudden reappearance. The abductions by UFOs are similar to this.”

The Power of Custom

Below is a Q & A from the book entitled “The power of Personality” by Master Okawa.

Q. I think that it is necessary to keep “good custom” in order to developing individual talents. How can I keep the custom that I decided.

A, You asked me how you can keep your custom in order to develop your abilities. Actually I talked about this topic with my staffs yesterday. They said “Your custom is doing a job because your will power is very strong.”

I told them that “What are you saying? Because of a weak will that I have, I always try to keep a good custom. If you possess a strong will, rather you don’t need a good custom. Just you do a job by using your will. Conversely, if don’t have strong will, you needs costum to get results continuing it day by day. I have published over two thousand three hundred titles of books over thirty years just by my will power. If you try to do it by using your will power, you would not continue it. You just give it up soon even you started.

Therefore, to achieving it is not just using my will power, but it is established by my power of custom.

In order to get big results it is very necessary to forge your good custom of system that is a process for your job once, and to keep it day after day.”

“継続は力なり” in Japanese, in English “Slow but steady wins the race.” It is very true in our life. If you think you feel you don’t have a strong will, you should make a good custom and keep it.

From “The Principle of Channeling” 3

As long as you live in this world, you cannot escape the mandate task of this word. You will have to devote our certain amount of time to the practical affairs of life, but at the time spent on this work increases, your spiritual qualities will gradually wane. On the contrary, however, if you spend all your time in meditation, then you will not be able to manage you have mundane tasks and problems will occur in your work.

Rajon is always a balance between these two conflicting aspects. Conversely, unless a religion contains those two conflicting facets, then it is not a real the region. If a region is false, then it is possible to concentrate on just one facet. For example, a religion that does not have a spiritual side will be managed purely in a worldly manner.

On the other hand, there are just people who concentrate solely on the spiritual side, such as hermits who spend all their time in retreat from the world. If they spend all their time meditating and training alone, however, then they will not be able to save people. They will not be able to offer salvation to others, but only for themselves.

In the past, before giving a lecture at a large venue, I would go go into seclusion for a month or so. The largest period I spent in retreat was three months, cutting myself off from all contact with the outside world. When I am isolated in this way, however, various problems start to occur in the management of happy-science and, as I work to solve them, the power I have build up through meditation drains away. This happened several times; I would recharge my spiritual power only to see it leak away and disappear.

When evil spirits create a scrum around her psychic in this way, angles can only look on helplessly from a distance and, in many cases, they are unable to help. For this reason, they are are many new religions groups that you that were good in the beginning, but at some point were taken over by evil spirits. You need to know that there is a power that targets religion to prevent them from carrying out their work.

Evil spirits attract like.

Recently, one lady was murdered. Her body was found in the place about several ten miles apart from the place where she was abducted by a couple men captured by the surveillance camera. According to the today’s news they met in the some website where they talked to kill someone.

From internet site, “In the interview with the investigators, the men exchanged the so-called “black site” of the Internet, and found that they had met for the first time on the day of the crime. For the black site, in August 2007, in the streets of Nagoya City, 31-year-old female company employee was abducted and murdered by three men, there was an incident that is abandoned in the forest. It was a “dark site” that tied three men who did not have acquaintance.”

As it says this is not the first case that men encountered in the website then committed a murder. It is ridiculous, isn’t it? Why do they do such a unforgivable thing?

There is a spiritual law called “the attraction of same wavelength”, those who have same wavelength attracts each other, “like attracts like”. The news site reported two men, one is in 40s and another one is in 20s were already arrested while another guy has been looking for. Those three men have definitely same wavelength which is very low, dark and negative. Those guys are attracted each other and also evil spirits, too.

This age when we are living is so complicated and frustrated that they often lead our mind negative and low. If you keep it as it is, it is so dangerous attracted by evils. We have to cleanse our mind by some methods like reflective meditation or other techniques like hobbies, sports or etc. Holding negative thoughts such as grudge, hatred, anger, fear, anxiety and so on keep your wavelength of mind very low. Let’s try to keep our mind as clear as possible like blue sky!

From “Th Principle of Channeling” 2

“When my spiritual power was depleted, if I was not careful, devils would interfere, impersonating the voice of the high spirits and start giving me false messages. The spiritual lines were to become crossed and the false messages would be mixed. It is very difficult to control one’s physical condition, so two hours was the limit for one sitting.

Nevertheless, giving two hours of continuous spiritual messages is already quite tough and normal physics would writhe on the ground in the agony of an extreme lack of energy. In the first part of this chapter, I spoke about using ectoplasm to create a body for ghosts. Just like that, it requires vast amounts of energy to create spiritual phenomena in this world.

I also described earlier how are spirit is covered by an “astral body”, but, to be more precise, there is another subtle spirit body that exists between the physical body you have on earth and the astral body you continue to use in the Posthumous Realm. This subtle layer produces a faint electrical reaction around the body and the forms at kind of biomagnetic energy. It is like an aura, and it differs from the astral body. It is difficult to describe, but there is a kind of a esthetic body that exists where the astral nd the physical body is join.

It is a fact that the ability to communicate with high spirits is an innate ability, but the ability to receive guidance from your personal guardian spirit is something that can be achieved in life through personal effort. Those active in religions have work to do in this word, however, and are usually very busy. Particularly if they have children to rise, they will have very little chance to escape from secure life. School teachers, tutors, neighbors, and friends may call on them at times and it is possible to cut off completely all relationships with people in this world.

This is why, in the past, many seekers of the truth you are unmarried. Unmarried people could easily cut themselves off from society, that it is not so easy for people with a family. They are unable to break away from society or live apart from others. Therefore it is difficult to find the time for religious seclusion.

When you are in beta mode, high spirits cannot send messages directly to you. At the very best, you can only communicate with them through spiritual beings who exist in the realms near Earth and have them pass on the message is indirectly. Moreover, when your mind it become accustomed to the beta mode, you will leave yourself open the position by evil spirits and they will stay with you, so you need to be careful.”

From “The Principle of Channeling” 1

Enemies can exist even within religion and this causes endless trouble. Today the church still refuses to accept spiritualism openly, they offer it lukewarm and support, but the truth is that they do not want to believe it’s teachings.

One reason is that jealousy between rivals. Spiritualism is similar to our “new religion” and those who are conservative will always try to defend themselves against popular new trends. Another reason is the fact that spiritual phenomenon have been largely cut out of the Bible. If the Bible contained all the spiritual phenomenon that occurred in that period it covers, then I am sure that people would be more open to the idea of a spiritualism, but they were removed in the editing process, making it difficult for the people in later years to understand spiritual matters.

In Buddhist universities in Japan today, there are many academics who claim that Buddhism does not recognize the existence of spirits and souls. This is lamentable situation. If Buddhism did not recognize spirit or souls, then that would cause serious problems. Whether you call it a soul, spirit, a mental function, and intention, and an immortal intellect, alaya-vijnana (a storehouse of consciousness) or Buddha nature, if there is no spiritual entity that continues after leaving the physical body upon death, then Buddhism is empty belief.

If there is no soul. Then the teaching that “all things are transient” will be, materialistic teaching. It will simply mean that when something breaks, there is the end, when a person dies, that is the end. Even if people are taught to abandon attachments, if life is limited only to this word, then people will choose to live a life of pleasure until the physical death of the body. The teachings will then take on the opposite meaning; people who do not understand spiritual matters will interpret them in this way.

Peace with Egoless

Today is June 12th, 2018. It is said that it will be a historical day and meeting between the leader of North Korea, Kim jong un and President Trump. The world is watching at this memorial event especially Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries which are threatened by North’s nukes.

What kind of results will we have? Some Japanese critic says the worst case for Japan is that Korean War, which is now an armistice, ends then the US forces withdraw from Korean Peninsula. This brings very dangerous situation for Japan due to the defense line will be down to between South Korea and Japan.

Why people fight each other? Buddha said abandon ego. To become egoless and one with Buddha or God is the ultimate goal of Buddhist discipline. Establishing ego is important in the adolescence in the western countries but in eastern countries if you are a Buddhist it is very important to attain egoless state in the Buddhism.

What is an egoless? There are two conditions that you can say I’m an egoless state now. One is you are oneness with Buddha or God (仏我一如). You are with Buddha or God. If you have a strong faith in Buddha or God, you can become one with Him.

Another one is to become one with others. (自他共一体) We are all children of Buddha or God so that we are not different each other. We are all same beings which has Buddha nature. (仏性) so we love each other as the same nature but having different personalities.

If we all become such a state mind as an egoless we can overcome differences then love each other under the faith in Buddha or God.

From the “The Principle of Channeling”

“The movement to spread the Truth by means of channeling the spirit word started long before the establishment of happy-science. In fact, there has been a grand plan in place for over 150 years. To be more precise, I could say that the year 1848 was critical.

This was the year Karl Marx and Frederick Engels published Manifesto of the Communist Party and it became clear that there would be a trend toward materialism throughout the word. It was predicted that the Soviet Union and China would rise to power, and my materialism would spread and dominate about half the globe.

Therefore, around the same time, a battle was being waged to counteract that materialism. Many kinds of spiritual phenomena began to occur in the United States resulting in the foundation of modern spiritualism. The year this began was 1848.

Besides this, there were many other physical phenomenon caused by spirits, such as objects floating in the air. All this was done to demonstrate the fallacy of materialism. Usually, however, high spirits are not too involved with the physical phenomenon of this word and they are not very skilled at them. The higher dimensions are a world of thought where no physical objects exist, so high spirits do not take much interest in causing physical phenomenon on earth.

When it comes to causing physical phenomenon, spirit who live closer to this word are more skilled. Therefore, high spirits worked with these spirits to make something visible happen. They thought that unless the presence of spirits was demonstrated physically, people on earth would not be able to accept their existence.”

五蘊盛苦 (Gounjouku)

As I posted a couple days ago, Tokyo has entered into Tsuyu (a raining season). It is once a year and usually it continues for a month. It is very uncomfortable period due to the high humidity.

Today, it is sunny without raining. In addition to this weather, a typhoon is approaching from Philippines. Do you know what this mean? It means so hot and so humid. Even you are walking you easily sweat.

Today is Saturday so almost all people are adjusting in this weather wearing T-shirts, shorts, and sandals. However I am on the way to my work so I’m wearing a long sleeve shirts, jacket and black leather shoes! It is I feel I’m in a sauna.

Buddha said our life is filled with four pains and eight pains. These are a pain of birth, aging, illness, death, you meet with people you hate, you part from you love, you cannot get you want, and worldly desires blaze furiously.

The last one is 五蘊盛苦 (worldly desires blaze furiously). 五 is five. So this means we feel pain though five senses such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body. Simply enough to say, we feel pain such a hot and humid weather or very cold one.

What Buddha said was true, still I miss a California weather, we cannot escape from those four pains and eight pains. That’s why we need wisdom that get rid of those pains.

Humans are great! They created a great wisdom that is a cooler.

Now I’m in the subway. I’m very comfortable because of such a great wisdom until go out.