Somthing So Strange

Last weekend, but still now, it is strange thing happening throughout Japan.

It was a typhoon. It is not unusual to have a typhoon in this season. What unusual and strange is that it has never happened before was happened.

In Japan, the wind blows from west to east, it is the westerly wind. That means the weather comes from west to east always. It is a flow from Kyushu, to Osaka, to Tokyo and to Tohoku. That is the order that weather goes always. So you can predict the weather if you look at the west. Since I’m in Tokyo area now, I can tell the weather if I see the weather of Osaka. It comes to here next day. It is very normal. It never goes backwards.

However, this time, the typhoon 12th went to from east to west. It came from the south which is from Philippines up to Tokyo then head to Osaka and Kyushu area. It was totally backward and we have never seen like this before!

How could you do it? Above there, the wind goes always from west to east as a westerly wind.

More strangely, it came back to Japan again and it looks like going the same route but backward, but it is a normal route.

Anyway, something that is so strange and I have never seen in my life happened the other days.

People in Japan are now so modernized. They don’t believe invisible hands or invisible existence. So they don’t see this was done by something invisible. They see it happened coincidentally.

However, the wind is blowing from the west to the east, why was this strange thing happened, that is because this was done by something supernatural. I say it is  “God”. He is saying and claiming his existence in orders to believe in Him. Otherwise, it is so strange and I cannot explain why this happened.

We should become humble and honest to Him. That is I thought from this affair.

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A Funeral

Two days ago, I attended the funeral that was one of my acquaintances from Nepal. He was not so close to me, I just met him once, so I didn’t know him very well that I couldn’t get enough information why he passed away. Only information barely got was he seemed like died by high temperature in the recent weather. Actually more than 90 people have died by heat in this year. I also heard that he was so weak recently. Recent high temperature provided him with hard time to manage his health, so he probably had lost his energy.

By his sudden death his family was in a deep sorrow at the funeral. Only thing I could do was to pray for his peaceful returning to the heaven and condolence to his family.

Although I was praying for them with all my heart in the room, I was very surprised at one thing that, it is usually we have a monk or pastor who conducts prayers in the funeral, however in his funeral no one came to pray for his him. Of course, so many his relatives and friends came to the place for saying “Goodbye”, but no religious person who conducts the funeral was around there. His relatives and friends came with a normal cloth even someone were wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

I couldn’t communicate with them because they speak nepalese and I don’t, but I suppose most of them are hinduism. I don’t know about hinduism very much except it has a kind of similar idea with buddhism because it has started in the same area. Before the Buddhism was established by Shakyamuni Buddha, Hinduism was already there. So buddhism was influenced by it, so I expected we have some same types of ceremony to send a person who passed away to the heavenly world.

Maybe this ceremony was held in Japan. There were not enough resource to execute the funeral as they do in Nepal in Japan. It must be a different from this one to the one in Nepal.

Anyway, I felt that we are losing the faith in God. Moreover, we have been losing the lack of information of after death that was handed down to generation to generation. I worry about it.

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What is a Real Life?

Are you living a true life? Are you satisfying your life? If yes, it’s very nice. I feel now that I’m not right now. If someone looks at me, he doesn’t think like that. Life is short but very long also and it is often said that there are mountains and valleys in the life. No one has a perfect life that always happy and increasing satisfaction in the life. It’s supposed to have up and down.

I feel I’m in a valley. Still I appreciate what I have right now, I appreciate my circumstances which I have been given. Although I appreciate everything that I was given such as my family, my job and everything, still I feel vain in my heart. Do you know why?

I feel I’m walking in a valley now without knowing how long it lasts. If I knew how long it is, only thing I need is a perseverance. I just walk until the end. Right now I cannot see the end of the valley and I don’t know where I am walking. I am pretending that I am walking to my goal, aiming to reach that goal saying it is my way to myself. So I feel vain sometimes because it is not a real goal.

What is a real life? What is a real goal for me or for you? What is a true life or what kind of life you can satisfy and feel so happy.

I would like to say that everyone has his own desires coming up from the soul. It is something that is so hot even you are sleeping or resting you cannot refrain yourself. It is something that you want to do it from the bottom of your heart. That is no one cannot stop even yourself. In other words, it is a burning desire comes from your mission of your life.

If you are living associated with it, you feel you are living a true life and you feel a real happiness whatever it is. I am still a person who doesn’t have any complaints in my life, however I still want to burn my life in my desire that I had planned before I was born here in the heavenly world. That is my mission of life that I have to do and I want to do throughout my life. I feel always I want to come back to it.

What is Love?

The book entitled “The Laws of the Sun” talks very much about truths such as love, enlightenment, history of humankind, future and creation of universe.

It is like a bible, but actually it is more than that.

About love: love is giving. Most of the people misunderstand the essence of love. Usually we want to be loved, admired, respected, and appreciated. It is natural that if we don’t make any effort, we tend to take love from others like a child. To take love from others is our instinct. On the other hand, to give love needs effort or energy. Without that it, we usually cannot give love naturally. For instance to celebrate other person is sometimes not easy, especially if he or she is your rival. To appreciate him or her needs effort. The following is “What is Love/” from “The Laws of the Sun”

“What Is Love?”

I invite you to join me in a meditation on the essence of love. Love is undoubtedly the most precious, splendid, and desirable aspect of life. People are intrigued by the word love, drawn by the very sound of it. The word love puts us in touch with our dreams and ideals. It infuses us with passion for life. It fires the imagination and our greatest aspirations. If you knew that you were destined to die tonight but discovered that someone you care about loves you, you would make the journey to the next world with a blissful smile. A life without love is like an exhausting journey across an endless desert, but bring love to it, and countless flowered oases spring up along the way.

But what exactly is love? Have poets, novelists, or philosophers succeeded in defining it? Have religious leaders offered a description that gets to the essence of love? How much do you, yourself, understand love? How deeply have you penetrated its true nature? God gave humankind this question about the nature of love as a challenge for us to answer. Taking on that challenge can be profoundly joyful, but it can also cause us suffering.”

To be continue….

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Wisdom = 智 + 慧

The following sentences are google translated sentences from Japanese to English. It doesn’t make sense for you, but even in Japanese, it was not easy to understand.

The meaning of them is that in Buddhism, 智慧 (wisdom) is broken into two parts. One is 智 (knowledge), and another one is 慧 (ability to understand the laws of universe, system of universe).

That means you can get knowledge, but they are limited. You cannot get all information and all knowledge.

That is why we need 慧, which is an insight that we can understand the all meaning of the universe from 智.

“Knowing this “law” (all things between this heaven and earth, sex and its fundamental nature, true, real, legal, nirvana and all the same meanings) is the fundamental nature of large life, You can be aware of the underlying knowledge and how convenient it is and how tempest we are to the fish we are enjoying in it. So, trying to inform it is the purpose of Buddhism, the way to know is doctrine. By the way, before I know this “legal”, it is my intention to learn in each other the phases of complicated philosophy which is extremely unlikely to be applied to each one during large life by applying to the causal law which I mentioned earlier Experience and knowledge belonging to the scope of their wisdom. But ordinary general knowledge and experience is inevitable to be a local part because infinite assemblies between heaven and earth that are very complicated in length and breadth will go through knowledge of finite human beings with experience. And even if that truth changes, I will go. Depending on that, only one question – – I do not seem to be able to explain even my doubt about living and death easily. So while the experiences and knowledge of Satoshi gradually develops by the accumulation of mankind’s broken faces, while continuing to live a real life through its knowledge experience, while using the eyes of Hyo people, Indeed, trying to find out the fundamental nature of large life, that is, “legality” (In Buddhism distinguishing wisdom from wisdom, honor and judgment, wisdom is the spiritual power to know the phenomenal direction, It is a spiritual power to be aware of the real direction). As a result, first of all, I first learned about the generalistic view of the Life Sea, and also decided on our policy of life and be assured of a real life. So, knowledge experience of Satoshi can not be dismissed, but defining its fundamental policy has to be based on the keen sense of inevitability. The reason is that the former one is part of the Life Sea and the latter one is Semantic. It is the order to unify partial ones depending on sort of things. It is natural that a partial thing supplements a comprehensive thing and supplements it. Therefore I can not go away with Jichi and Hibi by losing both eyes of human culture development, one by one. It is to preach that intuition and knowledge experience harmonize with each other for the first time through cooperation and cooperation. Discussion that religion and science are not compatible is at least not suitable for Buddhism. Moreover, why does the fundamental nature of large life do not refuse at last unless it depends on the intuition of “Hyo”? This questionable person uses all the knowledge experience to go through the fundamental properties of the universe big life recommend.”

To Get Wisdom

It is a discipline that try to attain some discoveries and wisdom which should be enlightenment everyday ideally. One as a life. Try to think today is the last day of my life so live ardently without reglets.

That is actually ideal, however it is not so easy. In Buddhism it is said that there are three types of wisdom. These are 聞慧(Mone, pronounce “Mon-e”)、思慧(Shie)、修慧(Shuue).

A mone is a wisdom that you will get one from hearing. 聞 means to listen or hear. To attain a wisdom by hearing is a mone. It is the same as learning.

Secondly, a shie is a wisdom also an action that you think one thing deeply. It is usually a meditation that you sit a while calmly then contemplate a “koan” which is usually a sentence that gives you a question. By thinking it deeply, you will attune to your guardian spirits in the spiritual world, you can attain a wisdom through the inspiration from them. We have such a “koan seminar” often to obtain wisdom and enlightenment.

Thirdly, a shuue is to get a wisdom by continuously thinking one thing in your daily life. It is a discipline that while you are doing your job or routine you keep contemplating the thing that you want to resolve or to seek the answer or so. Actually it is the same as a shie you can spiritually connect to your guardian spirits then you will receive wisdom through its inspiration. It takes not so long usually in a couple of days you can get some idea coming up to your mind.

I try to get a wisdom every through these processes to write something useful.

Magical Words

In the seminar we have learned that if we we say the words twice in a day when when you in the bet where you sleep at night and at the time when you wake up, it will make you whatever you want to be.

It has a form like “I am a number one of …….” or “I am a top-notch of ……”

For example if you want to be a top-notch of an architect”, you say when you sleep and wake up, “I am a top-notch architect” every day.

This is a self affirmative word that you can direct your subconscious. Since the subconscious is not active usually, however, if you use it, you have full power of your potential ability.

This is more powerful if you wake up from your mindset that you limit yourself as you are physical person instead if you get rid of it then you awake your true figure that you are essentially a spirit, and you think your mission as a soul, based on that mission, you give a direction to your subconscious, you will fire to your mail engine. Until then we are using just sub engines. We have own missions of our lives here on the ground descended from heaven, however we easily forget them so we live here without purpose of the life.

Once we awaken your purpose of your life, then you use the magical words based on your true desire from a true figure of you in order to direct to your subconscious, you can control your whole assets, that means you have ten folds of your power because your subconscious consists of ninety percent of your conscious.

Don’t limit yourself as physical figure instead awaken to your true figure as unlimited energy which is a spirit. Furthermore, be clear to your true mission or purpose of your life as a soul, then direct and activate your dormant subconscious, you will upgrade your life as living true life.

To Make Success

I have attached the seminar for wealth. These are discoveries from it.

“How can we make success? It is simple. To create products to make people happy, to establish business to make people happy, to contribute to make people happy.

How can we make people happy by using your talents? That is a question.

Those who can make other people happy is a person who can succeed in his business.

Think about others instead of yourself. Think other people’s success and happiness first. Success is not in you. Success is outside. Happiness is not in, but outside. What we have to make is happiness in others, not ours. To give first, to give love first.

A mission is to make other people happy by your talents. To seek your success in the happiness of others.

To contribute yourself for other people’s success and happiness. To live along with the laws of the universe, Golden Laws. That’s to give and expect no return, but you will be given from God.

Also it is important to produce people who feel happy by making other people happy or success.

Everyone has missions to fulfill to live for your mission that by using your talents for other people’s happiness.

To become a person who make happiness for other people.”

Life is a test

Yesterday was a nice day for me, my wife and especially my daughter. She has finished a sophomore in the high school in the US at the end of June. She is now in Japan, she is supposed be in Junior grade in the Japanese high school. Problem is high school is not obligation in Japan. It is not like the US. She came back to her original country where she was born. She can go nowhere except she has to pass the examination for entering a high school. But it is not easy for those who grow up in the country to pass the mother language test – Japanese. Especially for her who had spend over fourteen years in the US. Math and English are managed by her somehow. Problem is Japanese. Even we use Japanese in conversation in our home, so she can speak Japanese as well as a normal Japanese speaker. However, Japanese rest was so hard for her. Finally yesterday she could pass the entrance examination to enter the junior grade which ends end of March next year.

Life is not so easy. Especially like her who has changed the circumstances from the country to the other country. She had made a lot of efforts for these exam. But it was not easy. My wife and I worried about her very much. Finally she had passed it. Actually it was not only for her to pass the test. It was also a test for me how I can manage myself and hold myself not losing hope and stay always calm as a father. To tell the truth I had a little conflicts with my wife about her, but I could manage it as little as possible by controlling my mind.

Life is a test, an examination to enter the heaven, if we lose it, we go to hell. Categories are not worldly matters. The things that we are tested are invisible things like, love, courage, generosity, honest and so on. Let’s pass these subjects and go and enter the heaven.

Reflect Myself as Human

The following sentences are translation of some poem.

“The large life’s ocean that is filled with a full of water . It has started to fill water from the primitive age but we don’t know when it ends. It natures everything, it lets everything live, also it swallows everything to bury.

If we look at details, there are rivers, mountains, moon, stars, Rise and fall of the country, the rise and fall of the nation, the process of life including love, marriage, childbirth and senility will also be repeated, airplanes fly, submarines are also submerged. There are flowers of all generations, fallen leaves of the linden tree, if there are not any horses, there is a sleeping cat. I do not have time to write every time.

And we are still living in it like a small fish wandering in the sea of ​​large life.”

Since I came back from America I have been so busy to live and nurture my family. A speed of Japan is so fast especially living in Tokyo. If you don’t follow it you are behind. Try to catch up a earlier train and then do it again and again. It never ends. Someone was falling down on the ground but tried not to see it because I had to go fast. There are no room for pay attention of other people’s wishes.

However, sometimes if I look at sentences like above, I see myself as so arrogant. Try myself to be as “human” with blood. Now I’m like a robot. I reflect myself as living for other’s happiness.