From Prosperity Thinking 4

This is from “Prosperity Thinking ” by Master Okawa.

The time, because the post office was not there every package on Saturdays and Sundays and there were basically over hundred down in-service days in the year, it took forever for packages arrive. Also, if you took the package to the post office for delivery, the workers there would often say, “This package is not within our specifications and reject it. If that happened, you had no choice but to take it back home and repackage it. I have experienced this before and, let me say, it’s not fun. It’s irritating because you are getting refused even though you are the customer.

A poster woke up at the post office will tell you, the maximum measurements for length, width and height for packages are X, Y, and Z, but no one would know until he actually goes to the post office. Simply had to say, “Oh I see. This size in no good?” And take the package back home for repackaging. That’s was annoying, indeed.

Instead, if someone operating home delivery service says, “Any size is fine, we will pick it up at your home and deliver it for you. Your package will arrive on time within 24 hours, then that’s surely something anyone would feel thankful for.

That is why it’s only natural that the company that does this will make lots of money. It’s done deal. If a company that offers even better service pop-ups, then obviously company with a better services would make even more money.

So, here’s the bottom line, the essence of wealth is to benefit more and more people. Or, but in other words, the essence of wealth is to be respected or appreciated by more and more people. And if doing a job that’s appreciated by more and more people is the essence of wealth, then it’s odd to say “Wealth is evil.” The words be wealthy the whispering of the devil. There is absolutely nothing evil about doing a job that people appreciate.