Prosperity Thinking 5

This is from “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa

When my spiritual power was depleted, if I was not careful, devils would interfere, impersonating the voice of the high spirits and start giving me false messages. The spiritual lines were to become crossed and the false messages would be mixed. It is very difficult to control one’s physical condition, so two hours was the limit for one sitting.

Nevertheless, giving two hours of continuous spiritual messages is already quite tough and normal physics would writhe on the ground in the agony of an extreme lack of energy. In the first part of this chapter, I spoke about using ectoplasm to create a body for ghosts. Just like that, it requires vast amounts of energy to create spiritual phenomena in this world.

I also described earlier how are spirit is covered by an “astral body”, but, to be more precise, there is another subtle spirit body that exists between the physical body you have on earth and the astral body you continue to use in the Posthumous Realm. This subtle layer produces a faint electrical reaction around the body and the forms at kind of biomagnetic energy. It is like an aura, and it differs from the astral body. It is difficult to describe, but there is a kind of a esthetic body that exists where the astral nd the physical body is join.

It is a fact that the ability to communicate with high spirits is an innate ability, but the ability to receive guidance from your personal guardian spirit is something that can be achieved in life through personal effort. Those active in religions have work to do in this word, however, and are usually very busy. Particularly if they have children to rise, they will have very little chance to escape from secure life. School teachers, tutors, neighbors, and friends may call on them at times and it is possible to cut off completely all relationships with people in this world.

This is why, in the past, many seekers of the truth you are unmarried. Unmarried people could easily cut themselves off from society, that it is not so easy for people with a family. They are unable to break away from society or live apart from others. Therefore it is difficult to find the time for religious seclusion.

When you are in beta mode, high spirits cannot send messages directly to you. At the very best, you can only communicate with them through spiritual beings who exist in the realms near Earth and have them pass on the message is indirectly. Moreover, when your mind it become accustomed to the beta mode, you will leave yourself open the position by evil spirits and they will stay with you, so you need to be careful.

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