Prosperity Thinking 6

This is from “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa.

The reason that older teachings rejected wealth is because times were different from ours. Today, if you do a job that makes the world a better place, you are appreciated and also make a lots of money. So, if people say, we just aren’t making any money, money isn’t coming in or our sales aren’t going up, this means that they aren’t doing the word much service. This means that people aren’t all that appreciative of you, that you aren’t very benefiting them.

Your revenue won’t increase if you are working a job that doesn’t benefit people. And if your business takes a turn for the worse, your company will be forced to make all sorts of reductions. Employees will become targets for layoffs and will end up losing their jobs.

In addition, the forewarning sort of thing kept or covering for a long time in the Japanese banking industry. But when the Ministry of finance was still known as in ministry of the treasury, it used to micromanage all sorts of decisions regarding the services banks provided. The mystery set forth all kinds of restrictions such as, matchboxes giving out free gifts can only be this size and serving the Japanese tea to customers is fine but you can’t serve coffee.

This kinds of things shouldn’t be determined by government offices. That choice whether to serve coffee, black tea or Japanese there should be something that the bank decides based on that transaction amount between the bank and the client. Banks should be allowed to provide top-class service to major clients and the appropriate level of service to similar clients. In fact, just putting out glass of water might be appreciate in some cases.

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