Prosperity Thinking 8

The followings are “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa.

“Happy Science has prayer to drive out spirits of poverty under the spiritual guidance of Napoleon Hill. One of the famous caused by Napoleon Hill when he was still alive about something like this, if you continue trying even after failing three times, you have that capacity to be a leader. If you keep on trying even after feeling ten times, you have the nature of the genius. These words truly is inspiring.

But the same thing is actually true for entrepreneurs. I believe they fail many times. However, you can’t become an entrepreneur unless you keep repeating that trial and error process.

If one failure completely knocks you out to the point where you can’t no longer even move, then that will be the end. But don’t forget Napoleon Hill’s words which means, if you continue trying even after failing three times, you have the capacity to be a leader. If you keep fighting without the given up even after failing ten times, you have the nature of a genius.

Please bounce back over and over again. You must develop strength in yourselves to turn the tables and get yourselves out of adversity. This is extremely important and especially necessary now, in this difficult era of turbulence.

Looking at the current state of Japan and all of the other nations of that world, I feel that prosperity thinking in the way of thinking need now. It seems that ideology that is threatening to plunge the world, including Japan, into unhappiness is rearing its head once more, so I strongly feel we have no choice but to fight a war of ideologies. In other words, I want to fight against the spirit of poverty ideology using prosperity thinking.”

Prosperity Thinking 7

This is “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa.

“At that time, the government offices even decided whether banks could give away free tissue paper or not. But this isn’t something that decided by public officials. There are many examples where public officials did things like that and showed down the growth of the economy. Ideas such as these that doesn’t agree with the increase of wealth and ways of thinking that reject the increase of wealth find their way into your mind, so you have to be careful. You must have a affinity for wealth.

Let me say this again, when you think about wealth, it’s starting point is to benefit more and more people. Or, put differently, being wealthy is to be appreciated by more and more people. This is the source of wealth.

It’s extremely important to impart an entrepreneurial spirit to children. But if the teachers are infused with this spirit of poverty style of education, the people taught by those teachers are most likely to become poor. This isn’t good at all.

Sotoku Ninomiya was actually a person who had the disposition to fight against what is commonly known as the Japan Teacher’s Union style of education. He thought, “If you study hard, you’ll eventually be able to make a lot of money and succeed in business “. He was a person who tied studying and making money.

My wish is to be able to cultivate as many people as possible can adopt a way of thinking that increases the total amount of national wealth or the wealth in the world, in order to save poor people in this world.”