Prosperity Thinking 7

This is “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa.

“At that time, the government offices even decided whether banks could give away free tissue paper or not. But this isn’t something that decided by public officials. There are many examples where public officials did things like that and showed down the growth of the economy. Ideas such as these that doesn’t agree with the increase of wealth and ways of thinking that reject the increase of wealth find their way into your mind, so you have to be careful. You must have a affinity for wealth.

Let me say this again, when you think about wealth, it’s starting point is to benefit more and more people. Or, put differently, being wealthy is to be appreciated by more and more people. This is the source of wealth.

It’s extremely important to impart an entrepreneurial spirit to children. But if the teachers are infused with this spirit of poverty style of education, the people taught by those teachers are most likely to become poor. This isn’t good at all.

Sotoku Ninomiya was actually a person who had the disposition to fight against what is commonly known as the Japan Teacher’s Union style of education. He thought, “If you study hard, you’ll eventually be able to make a lot of money and succeed in business “. He was a person who tied studying and making money.

My wish is to be able to cultivate as many people as possible can adopt a way of thinking that increases the total amount of national wealth or the wealth in the world, in order to save poor people in this world.”

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