Prosperity Thinking 10

I fully understand the reason why Europe and the US are suffering right now. The US, in particular, is trying to become like Japan but is suffering because it can’t fully become like Japan. The US is trying to “Japanize” itself but that effort isn’t going so well.

That’s to be expected. The ground that the American culture is built upon is different, so there is no way that US could do the same things Japan does. Even in the Wall Street protest, people keep talking about this disparity as is being said in Japan, but they still don’t fully understand that this alone won’t resolve the problem.

When I used to work in there it is about 30 years ago, everyone said, things that are happening in the US will start happening in Japan decayed later. Because of that, it was generally thought that you would succeed if you want to study in the US or if you looked at what happened in the American society and laid the groundwork for that in Japan ahead of time. This was true in fields like the home electronics industry and automobile industry, too.

However, that era is now well behind us. Japan must be the new role model.

In order to supplement this, I preached on the fourfold path of Love, Wisdom, Self reflection and Progress, the principles of happiness.

What I did was to introduce the concept of progress into the teachings. Without this, a religion can’t be a future oriented one. I believe we need to make the countries of Hinayana Buddhism change their way of thinking.

The origin of prosperity lies in each person. In particular, I went everyone to try to think bigger. As an individual, you need to improve yourself, at least a little. This is what I mean: “Not just your way of thinking as an individual, but all sorts of other things will change, such as your everyday life, the content of what you read, what goes on at your job and relationships with others, including relationships at work.” I want you know, “Natural consequences will follow as you grow more; all sorts of things will change in your life.”

This is some part of “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa

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