How to Keep Away from Spirits of Poverty 1

The followings are a part from “How to Keep Away from Poverty God” by master Okawa.

“That night, a lecture at one of the Happy Science temples conducted a ritual player wishing for this person‘s recovery. When that doctors took more x-ray photographs in preparation for the surgery the next morning, bring hemorrhage had stopped. There decided not to perform the surgery and instead decided to wait and see how things went. The victim recovered at an amazing speed. His skull restored is original shape in a short amount of time. They were absolutely no aftereffects. This kind of thing actually happens.

There are some cases where in the cancer was cured in a single evening with ritual prayers happy-science. This is amazing, too, but there might be people who think, “Maybe the cancer diagnosis was actually just error in the x-ray analysis.”

However, there is a surgery no way you could say that recovering from a skull fracture and cerebral contusions was as an error in the x-ray analysts. The ritual prayers at Happy Science have the power to “move continents”.

Same thing is true companies. If a company president is possessed by the spirit of poverty of if a company president is someone who could be called an embodiment of a spirit of poverty, then saving that the company won’t be an easy task.

Even if one of his subordinates is an embodiment of a god of luck, getting rid of the negativity that the spirit of poverty generates won’t be easy unless the subordinate works extremely hard.

Spirit of poverty actually exist in this world. I generate teach, “Devils and evil spirits exist in the world. In the other world, there really are spirits who make it their “job” to make other people ill, cause accidents on them and make them suffer.”

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