How to Keep Away From Spirits of Poverty 2

“Their spirit used to be in a happy people when they live in this world, when such people die and become spiritual beings in the other word, though happiness is out of their reach, they at least feel something similar to contentment if they can make other people feel unhappy. They feel, “Ah, now you’re unhappy, too!”

They don’t wish for their own happiness but they believe their happiness fades when they mass produce unhappiness for other people. Seeing a lot of people become unhappy makes them feel as if they are happy after all. There really are spirits. like this who live in that kind of illusion; they actually are walking behind no sense. One type of such spirit is this so-called “spirits of poverty” which bring unhappiness in their economic sense.

If one of these spirits possesses company, that company will go under. If a spirit of poverty possesses people he knew while he was alive, the victims’ companies would also go under just as his company did.

This kind of thing happens often. Just as there are causes when spirits of poverty go after the people he knew in life, there are also cases in which the spirits remain attached to a certain location. In such cases, people who try to run the business there or rent the house and try to sell things they will always fail.

There are places where business frail, after another. If a factory pops up, it was bust. If a store pops up, it goes bankrupt. This might sound like I am talking about feng shui or something, but you have to be careful because there really are places where spirits of poverty have a calm earth-bound spirits.”

This is a part of the lecture “How to Keep Away Spirits of Poverty” by master Okawa.