True Reason

Recently, the storm, which devastated the southern part of Japan, killed over one hundred thirty people without compassion, but the number is still increasing. This is a cruel rainstorm that the amount of four months rain had fallen in three days, as it is told that “this happens one a fifty years.” After this rainstorm, the weather became so hot that people who are evacuating in the gymnasium are in very uncomfortable condition due to no air conditioning. Also so many goods are needed for live for them.

Why does this kind of disaster occur? Ancient people thought that a ruler’s mind and attitude are wrong, God gave this kind of disasters as an alert for him. That’s why Japanese emperors of have always reflected his management with accordance to God’s will not happening this kind of disasters in his ruling era.

This time, what is the reason? Master Okawa, who has the most powerful psychic power can see the real reason. He has revealed the cause why disasters occurred by using his psychic power almost each time.

In most cases when we have this kind of disasters, Japanese Gods are angry with the ruling party regime. This time is also the same. It looks like Japanese Gods are not giving their favor to its government on their scandals of the ministry of finance and the ministry of education by Master’s reading.

This is an alarm against Mr. Abe’s government for suggesting to correct their attitudes from heaven. Everything has some meaning. Everything is under the rule of the cause and effect. If something happens to us, it is a opportunity to reflect ourselves or correcting the mind and faith in God.