Removing Mindset

Removing a mindset is not so easy. Where does it come from? It is a mental limitation originates from your body. Also social custom and experiences that you have had before. Since your body is limited, you think always yourself as s physical existence so that you always think based on your physical limitations, such as your abilities associated with your strength and capabilities. However, to break your mindset, you need to be back to your original point that you are originally spiritual existence. Since you are spirit so you should not limit by your physical body, rather you can think freely as one of energy of universe that is unlimited. Also you are a children of Buddha or God so that you have unlimited power within. However, we all forget that fact then limit yourself as a tiny existence as one of ordinary people.

The one of enlightenment that is starting point of breaking mindset is to awaken to a fact that you are essentially spiritual existence created by God or Buddha has unlimited capability and perfect existence.

Once you obtained this truth you can receive unlimited power from Him by your breaking mindset. But still you are living in the three dimensional world that has material limitation that always force you that you have to obey this dimension’s rule. If you are defeated this constant “suggestion” from people and society around you, you soon or later lose your breaking mindset and back to limited person.

That is alway true so I train myself not be limited by these this this dimension’s rule and conscious from people around me. Otherwise I often limit myself by their limited thinking and methods.

Once again, this for me also, we are essentially spiritual beings so that it is not necessarily to obey this physical dimension’s rule and regulations.

Be more free and think as free as you want as a unlimited energy as one of sprint of universe!

Remember you are not a physical person, you are a spiritual being.