Satisfy What We have.

In Japan, recently, it is extremely hot and humid like we are all in a sauna. Just simple walking in a couple minutes makes so wet. Without air conditioners we cannot survive in this “jungle weather”.

In addition to this crazy weather, I’m writing this blog in one of most crowded train lines in Tokyo area, Saikyo-line between Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. My arm is touching the someone’s back which is wet with sweat smelling so bad. It is so uncomfortable. This is living in Tokyo in summer time. If you are planning to come here in this season, I suggest you to refund your ticket or wait until fall except you have to visit in some necessary reason.

But if you are tourists, that is much better than us who wear pants and leather shoes. My feet are burning in the leather shoes. However, still maybe it is good for those who drink beer, because of this “beer friendly weather”, but I don’t drink.

I remember that when I was young, almost thirty or forty years ago, trains didn’t have air conditioners, only a fun attached on ceiling.

Comparing to that age it is better and much more comfortable.

In Buddhism, it is often said that “Don’t blame the things that you don’t have, rather appreciate what you have” (“足ることを知る”)

In accordance with this theory, still we have an air conditioner in the train, so I must appreciate it and should not complain this circumstances. Now it is less people than before, it is easier to type through iPhone. So I appreciate it.

If we focus on the things that we don’t, we feel unhappy, conversely if we see the things that we have already have or possessed, we can appreciate those we have.

We are not living, instead we are lived by God or Buddha, if we think like that sometimes, we can appreciate our life maybe.

I am still in the train with typing, I try not to complain about my situation, instead I try to think I’m still lived by Him so that I can type and write what I want, that is very nice still so I appreciate it very much.

blur bokeh bright burnt
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