Life is a test

Yesterday was a nice day for me, my wife and especially my daughter. She has finished a sophomore in the high school in the US at the end of June. She is now in Japan, she is supposed be in Junior grade in the Japanese high school. Problem is high school is not obligation in Japan. It is not like the US. She came back to her original country where she was born. She can go nowhere except she has to pass the examination for entering a high school. But it is not easy for those who grow up in the country to pass the mother language test – Japanese. Especially for her who had spend over fourteen years in the US. Math and English are managed by her somehow. Problem is Japanese. Even we use Japanese in conversation in our home, so she can speak Japanese as well as a normal Japanese speaker. However, Japanese rest was so hard for her. Finally yesterday she could pass the entrance examination to enter the junior grade which ends end of March next year.

Life is not so easy. Especially like her who has changed the circumstances from the country to the other country. She had made a lot of efforts for these exam. But it was not easy. My wife and I worried about her very much. Finally she had passed it. Actually it was not only for her to pass the test. It was also a test for me how I can manage myself and hold myself not losing hope and stay always calm as a father. To tell the truth I had a little conflicts with my wife about her, but I could manage it as little as possible by controlling my mind.

Life is a test, an examination to enter the heaven, if we lose it, we go to hell. Categories are not worldly matters. The things that we are tested are invisible things like, love, courage, generosity, honest and so on. Let’s pass these subjects and go and enter the heaven.

Reflect Myself as Human

The following sentences are translation of some poem.

“The large life’s ocean that is filled with a full of water . It has started to fill water from the primitive age but we don’t know when it ends. It natures everything, it lets everything live, also it swallows everything to bury.

If we look at details, there are rivers, mountains, moon, stars, Rise and fall of the country, the rise and fall of the nation, the process of life including love, marriage, childbirth and senility will also be repeated, airplanes fly, submarines are also submerged. There are flowers of all generations, fallen leaves of the linden tree, if there are not any horses, there is a sleeping cat. I do not have time to write every time.

And we are still living in it like a small fish wandering in the sea of ​​large life.”

Since I came back from America I have been so busy to live and nurture my family. A speed of Japan is so fast especially living in Tokyo. If you don’t follow it you are behind. Try to catch up a earlier train and then do it again and again. It never ends. Someone was falling down on the ground but tried not to see it because I had to go fast. There are no room for pay attention of other people’s wishes.

However, sometimes if I look at sentences like above, I see myself as so arrogant. Try myself to be as “human” with blood. Now I’m like a robot. I reflect myself as living for other’s happiness.