To Make Success

I have attached the seminar for wealth. These are discoveries from it.

“How can we make success? It is simple. To create products to make people happy, to establish business to make people happy, to contribute to make people happy.

How can we make people happy by using your talents? That is a question.

Those who can make other people happy is a person who can succeed in his business.

Think about others instead of yourself. Think other people’s success and happiness first. Success is not in you. Success is outside. Happiness is not in, but outside. What we have to make is happiness in others, not ours. To give first, to give love first.

A mission is to make other people happy by your talents. To seek your success in the happiness of others.

To contribute yourself for other people’s success and happiness. To live along with the laws of the universe, Golden Laws. That’s to give and expect no return, but you will be given from God.

Also it is important to produce people who feel happy by making other people happy or success.

Everyone has missions to fulfill to live for your mission that by using your talents for other people’s happiness.

To become a person who make happiness for other people.”