Magical Words

In the seminar we have learned that if we we say the words twice in a day when when you in the bet where you sleep at night and at the time when you wake up, it will make you whatever you want to be.

It has a form like “I am a number one of …….” or “I am a top-notch of ……”

For example if you want to be a top-notch of an architect”, you say when you sleep and wake up, “I am a top-notch architect” every day.

This is a self affirmative word that you can direct your subconscious. Since the subconscious is not active usually, however, if you use it, you have full power of your potential ability.

This is more powerful if you wake up from your mindset that you limit yourself as you are physical person instead if you get rid of it then you awake your true figure that you are essentially a spirit, and you think your mission as a soul, based on that mission, you give a direction to your subconscious, you will fire to your mail engine. Until then we are using just sub engines. We have own missions of our lives here on the ground descended from heaven, however we easily forget them so we live here without purpose of the life.

Once we awaken your purpose of your life, then you use the magical words based on your true desire from a true figure of you in order to direct to your subconscious, you can control your whole assets, that means you have ten folds of your power because your subconscious consists of ninety percent of your conscious.

Don’t limit yourself as physical figure instead awaken to your true figure as unlimited energy which is a spirit. Furthermore, be clear to your true mission or purpose of your life as a soul, then direct and activate your dormant subconscious, you will upgrade your life as living true life.

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