To Get Wisdom

It is a discipline that try to attain some discoveries and wisdom which should be enlightenment everyday ideally. One as a life. Try to think today is the last day of my life so live ardently without reglets.

That is actually ideal, however it is not so easy. In Buddhism it is said that there are three types of wisdom. These are 聞慧(Mone, pronounce “Mon-e”)、思慧(Shie)、修慧(Shuue).

A mone is a wisdom that you will get one from hearing. 聞 means to listen or hear. To attain a wisdom by hearing is a mone. It is the same as learning.

Secondly, a shie is a wisdom also an action that you think one thing deeply. It is usually a meditation that you sit a while calmly then contemplate a “koan” which is usually a sentence that gives you a question. By thinking it deeply, you will attune to your guardian spirits in the spiritual world, you can attain a wisdom through the inspiration from them. We have such a “koan seminar” often to obtain wisdom and enlightenment.

Thirdly, a shuue is to get a wisdom by continuously thinking one thing in your daily life. It is a discipline that while you are doing your job or routine you keep contemplating the thing that you want to resolve or to seek the answer or so. Actually it is the same as a shie you can spiritually connect to your guardian spirits then you will receive wisdom through its inspiration. It takes not so long usually in a couple of days you can get some idea coming up to your mind.

I try to get a wisdom every through these processes to write something useful.