What is Love?

The book entitled “The Laws of the Sun” talks very much about truths such as love, enlightenment, history of humankind, future and creation of universe.

It is like a bible, but actually it is more than that.

About love: love is giving. Most of the people misunderstand the essence of love. Usually we want to be loved, admired, respected, and appreciated. It is natural that if we don’t make any effort, we tend to take love from others like a child. To take love from others is our instinct. On the other hand, to give love needs effort or energy. Without that it, we usually cannot give love naturally. For instance to celebrate other person is sometimes not easy, especially if he or she is your rival. To appreciate him or her needs effort. The following is “What is Love/” from “The Laws of the Sun”

“What Is Love?”

I invite you to join me in a meditation on the essence of love. Love is undoubtedly the most precious, splendid, and desirable aspect of life. People are intrigued by the word love, drawn by the very sound of it. The word love puts us in touch with our dreams and ideals. It infuses us with passion for life. It fires the imagination and our greatest aspirations. If you knew that you were destined to die tonight but discovered that someone you care about loves you, you would make the journey to the next world with a blissful smile. A life without love is like an exhausting journey across an endless desert, but bring love to it, and countless flowered oases spring up along the way.

But what exactly is love? Have poets, novelists, or philosophers succeeded in defining it? Have religious leaders offered a description that gets to the essence of love? How much do you, yourself, understand love? How deeply have you penetrated its true nature? God gave humankind this question about the nature of love as a challenge for us to answer. Taking on that challenge can be profoundly joyful, but it can also cause us suffering.”

To be continue….

couple under hut beside sea and infinity pool
Photo by Ibrahim Asad on Pexels.com

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