Wisdom = 智 + 慧

The following sentences are google translated sentences from Japanese to English. It doesn’t make sense for you, but even in Japanese, it was not easy to understand.

The meaning of them is that in Buddhism, 智慧 (wisdom) is broken into two parts. One is 智 (knowledge), and another one is 慧 (ability to understand the laws of universe, system of universe).

That means you can get knowledge, but they are limited. You cannot get all information and all knowledge.

That is why we need 慧, which is an insight that we can understand the all meaning of the universe from 智.

“Knowing this “law” (all things between this heaven and earth, sex and its fundamental nature, true, real, legal, nirvana and all the same meanings) is the fundamental nature of large life, You can be aware of the underlying knowledge and how convenient it is and how tempest we are to the fish we are enjoying in it. So, trying to inform it is the purpose of Buddhism, the way to know is doctrine. By the way, before I know this “legal”, it is my intention to learn in each other the phases of complicated philosophy which is extremely unlikely to be applied to each one during large life by applying to the causal law which I mentioned earlier Experience and knowledge belonging to the scope of their wisdom. But ordinary general knowledge and experience is inevitable to be a local part because infinite assemblies between heaven and earth that are very complicated in length and breadth will go through knowledge of finite human beings with experience. And even if that truth changes, I will go. Depending on that, only one question – – I do not seem to be able to explain even my doubt about living and death easily. So while the experiences and knowledge of Satoshi gradually develops by the accumulation of mankind’s broken faces, while continuing to live a real life through its knowledge experience, while using the eyes of Hyo people, Indeed, trying to find out the fundamental nature of large life, that is, “legality” (In Buddhism distinguishing wisdom from wisdom, honor and judgment, wisdom is the spiritual power to know the phenomenal direction, It is a spiritual power to be aware of the real direction). As a result, first of all, I first learned about the generalistic view of the Life Sea, and also decided on our policy of life and be assured of a real life. So, knowledge experience of Satoshi can not be dismissed, but defining its fundamental policy has to be based on the keen sense of inevitability. The reason is that the former one is part of the Life Sea and the latter one is Semantic. It is the order to unify partial ones depending on sort of things. It is natural that a partial thing supplements a comprehensive thing and supplements it. Therefore I can not go away with Jichi and Hibi by losing both eyes of human culture development, one by one. It is to preach that intuition and knowledge experience harmonize with each other for the first time through cooperation and cooperation. Discussion that religion and science are not compatible is at least not suitable for Buddhism. Moreover, why does the fundamental nature of large life do not refuse at last unless it depends on the intuition of “Hyo”? This questionable person uses all the knowledge experience to go through the fundamental properties of the universe big life recommend.”

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