What is a Real Life?

Are you living a true life? Are you satisfying your life? If yes, it’s very nice. I feel now that I’m not right now. If someone looks at me, he doesn’t think like that. Life is short but very long also and it is often said that there are mountains and valleys in the life. No one has a perfect life that always happy and increasing satisfaction in the life. It’s supposed to have up and down.

I feel I’m in a valley. Still I appreciate what I have right now, I appreciate my circumstances which I have been given. Although I appreciate everything that I was given such as my family, my job and everything, still I feel vain in my heart. Do you know why?

I feel I’m walking in a valley now without knowing how long it lasts. If I knew how long it is, only thing I need is a perseverance. I just walk until the end. Right now I cannot see the end of the valley and I don’t know where I am walking. I am pretending that I am walking to my goal, aiming to reach that goal saying it is my way to myself. So I feel vain sometimes because it is not a real goal.

What is a real life? What is a real goal for me or for you? What is a true life or what kind of life you can satisfy and feel so happy.

I would like to say that everyone has his own desires coming up from the soul. It is something that is so hot even you are sleeping or resting you cannot refrain yourself. It is something that you want to do it from the bottom of your heart. That is no one cannot stop even yourself. In other words, it is a burning desire comes from your mission of your life.

If you are living associated with it, you feel you are living a true life and you feel a real happiness whatever it is. I am still a person who doesn’t have any complaints in my life, however I still want to burn my life in my desire that I had planned before I was born here in the heavenly world. That is my mission of life that I have to do and I want to do throughout my life. I feel always I want to come back to it.

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