A Funeral

Two days ago, I attended the funeral that was one of my acquaintances from Nepal. He was not so close to me, I just met him once, so I didn’t know him very well that I couldn’t get enough information why he passed away. Only information barely got was he seemed like died by high temperature in the recent weather. Actually more than 90 people have died by heat in this year. I also heard that he was so weak recently. Recent high temperature provided him with hard time to manage his health, so he probably had lost his energy.

By his sudden death his family was in a deep sorrow at the funeral. Only thing I could do was to pray for his peaceful returning to the heaven and condolence to his family.

Although I was praying for them with all my heart in the room, I was very surprised at one thing that, it is usually we have a monk or pastor who conducts prayers in the funeral, however in his funeral no one came to pray for his him. Of course, so many his relatives and friends came to the place for saying “Goodbye”, but no religious person who conducts the funeral was around there. His relatives and friends came with a normal cloth even someone were wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

I couldn’t communicate with them because they speak nepalese and I don’t, but I suppose most of them are hinduism. I don’t know about hinduism very much except it has a kind of similar idea with buddhism because it has started in the same area. Before the Buddhism was established by Shakyamuni Buddha, Hinduism was already there. So buddhism was influenced by it, so I expected we have some same types of ceremony to send a person who passed away to the heavenly world.

Maybe this ceremony was held in Japan. There were not enough resource to execute the funeral as they do in Nepal in Japan. It must be a different from this one to the one in Nepal.

Anyway, I felt that we are losing the faith in God. Moreover, we have been losing the lack of information of after death that was handed down to generation to generation. I worry about it.

trees in park
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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