Somthing So Strange

Last weekend, but still now, it is strange thing happening throughout Japan.

It was a typhoon. It is not unusual to have a typhoon in this season. What unusual and strange is that it has never happened before was happened.

In Japan, the wind blows from west to east, it is the westerly wind. That means the weather comes from west to east always. It is a flow from Kyushu, to Osaka, to Tokyo and to Tohoku. That is the order that weather goes always. So you can predict the weather if you look at the west. Since I’m in Tokyo area now, I can tell the weather if I see the weather of Osaka. It comes to here next day. It is very normal. It never goes backwards.

However, this time, the typhoon 12th went to from east to west. It came from the south which is from Philippines up to Tokyo then head to Osaka and Kyushu area. It was totally backward and we have never seen like this before!

How could you do it? Above there, the wind goes always from west to east as a westerly wind.

More strangely, it came back to Japan again and it looks like going the same route but backward, but it is a normal route.

Anyway, something that is so strange and I have never seen in my life happened the other days.

People in Japan are now so modernized. They don’t believe invisible hands or invisible existence. So they don’t see this was done by something invisible. They see it happened coincidentally.

However, the wind is blowing from the west to the east, why was this strange thing happened, that is because this was done by something supernatural. I say it is  “God”. He is saying and claiming his existence in orders to believe in Him. Otherwise, it is so strange and I cannot explain why this happened.

We should become humble and honest to Him. That is I thought from this affair.

vehicle glass window with water droplets
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