重々無尽: Eveything is Connected

This morning, trains of Yamanote lines, which is one of main train lines in Tokyo metropolitan were delayed causing trouble to commuters due to some smoke on rails between Shinagawa and Tamachi. I was a little bit lucky because I was not deeply involved this accident. The train that I was intended to catch was delayed only five minutes or so. But the next train was terrible, while I was in the train before moving, it was announced that “The next train comes thirty minutes later so please take this train” at Ikebukuro station heading to Shinjuku, Shibuya.

Since so many people took this train, it was so packed no space to move even in the early morning.

Japanese train system used be so sophisticated and reliable that it had run very accurately. Recently I think it is not so much reliable than used be. Because train lines connect with other lines. It makes longer miles so that affects other trains. In other words each line was not connected with other line. Each line used be a shorter. Even if some trouble happened in that span, it affects only in that line. Now lines have been extended. If one accident happen med it causes troubles entire line.

In Buddhism, there is a word “重々無尽“ (jyujyumujin). Everything is connected and affected each other.

We are all connected. It is like a web. People are not existing independently although you cannot see they are related with you. Actually we are all affected each other. We are related and influence each other in some good or bad way. We cannot see it by our physical eyes

That is why we help each other and love each other. This is the cause and effect by people.

Satisfy What We have.

In Japan, recently, it is extremely hot and humid like we are all in a sauna. Just simple walking in a couple minutes makes so wet. Without air conditioners we cannot survive in this “jungle weather”.

In addition to this crazy weather, I’m writing this blog in one of most crowded train lines in Tokyo area, Saikyo-line between Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. My arm is touching the someone’s back which is wet with sweat smelling so bad. It is so uncomfortable. This is living in Tokyo in summer time. If you are planning to come here in this season, I suggest you to refund your ticket or wait until fall except you have to visit in some necessary reason.

But if you are tourists, that is much better than us who wear pants and leather shoes. My feet are burning in the leather shoes. However, still maybe it is good for those who drink beer, because of this “beer friendly weather”, but I don’t drink.

I remember that when I was young, almost thirty or forty years ago, trains didn’t have air conditioners, only a fun attached on ceiling.

Comparing to that age it is better and much more comfortable.

In Buddhism, it is often said that “Don’t blame the things that you don’t have, rather appreciate what you have” (“足ることを知る”)

In accordance with this theory, still we have an air conditioner in the train, so I must appreciate it and should not complain this circumstances. Now it is less people than before, it is easier to type through iPhone. So I appreciate it.

If we focus on the things that we don’t, we feel unhappy, conversely if we see the things that we have already have or possessed, we can appreciate those we have.

We are not living, instead we are lived by God or Buddha, if we think like that sometimes, we can appreciate our life maybe.

I am still in the train with typing, I try not to complain about my situation, instead I try to think I’m still lived by Him so that I can type and write what I want, that is very nice still so I appreciate it very much.

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How to Keep Away From Spirits of Poverty 3

There are many people who succeeded economically, who worked hard to better the worded. if you select a person like that is to your liking and continue to think, “ I want to become like this person, your wavelength will gradually match that the person’s and will start to become like that person. People become similar to the people they respect. You will gravitate toward the people you respect, so it’s important to respect people who have achieved success.

What is the sense of wealth? Simply put, it is to benefit the large number of people. This is an important point, so it bears repeating. The essence of wealth lies in whether or not something is benefiting the large number of people.

Looking at it from the opposite standpoint, when everything large number of people can be described as being appreciated by many people. The company would make a lot of money if it’s appreciated for things, for instance, “Your company has helped us so much. Thanks to you, things have become incredibly convenient. Thank you very much.”

For example, in Japan, we have them home then delivery service. But in its initial development, it was forced to fight against the regulations set forth by governmental affairs of that time, such as the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Transport. There were many trials regarding its service.

However, the appearance of the home delivery service meant that package could generally bridge their destinations anywhere in Japan within 24 hours, so delivering become extremely convenient. This is something for which a lot of people would definitely appreciative.

Removing Mindset

Removing a mindset is not so easy. Where does it come from? It is a mental limitation originates from your body. Also social custom and experiences that you have had before. Since your body is limited, you think always yourself as s physical existence so that you always think based on your physical limitations, such as your abilities associated with your strength and capabilities. However, to break your mindset, you need to be back to your original point that you are originally spiritual existence. Since you are spirit so you should not limit by your physical body, rather you can think freely as one of energy of universe that is unlimited. Also you are a children of Buddha or God so that you have unlimited power within. However, we all forget that fact then limit yourself as a tiny existence as one of ordinary people.

The one of enlightenment that is starting point of breaking mindset is to awaken to a fact that you are essentially spiritual existence created by God or Buddha has unlimited capability and perfect existence.

Once you obtained this truth you can receive unlimited power from Him by your breaking mindset. But still you are living in the three dimensional world that has material limitation that always force you that you have to obey this dimension’s rule. If you are defeated this constant “suggestion” from people and society around you, you soon or later lose your breaking mindset and back to limited person.

That is alway true so I train myself not be limited by these this this dimension’s rule and conscious from people around me. Otherwise I often limit myself by their limited thinking and methods.

Once again, this for me also, we are essentially spiritual beings so that it is not necessarily to obey this physical dimension’s rule and regulations.

Be more free and think as free as you want as a unlimited energy as one of sprint of universe!

Remember you are not a physical person, you are a spiritual being.

True Reason

Recently, the storm, which devastated the southern part of Japan, killed over one hundred thirty people without compassion, but the number is still increasing. This is a cruel rainstorm that the amount of four months rain had fallen in three days, as it is told that “this happens one a fifty years.” After this rainstorm, the weather became so hot that people who are evacuating in the gymnasium are in very uncomfortable condition due to no air conditioning. Also so many goods are needed for live for them.

Why does this kind of disaster occur? Ancient people thought that a ruler’s mind and attitude are wrong, God gave this kind of disasters as an alert for him. That’s why Japanese emperors of have always reflected his management with accordance to God’s will not happening this kind of disasters in his ruling era.

This time, what is the reason? Master Okawa, who has the most powerful psychic power can see the real reason. He has revealed the cause why disasters occurred by using his psychic power almost each time.

In most cases when we have this kind of disasters, Japanese Gods are angry with the ruling party regime. This time is also the same. It looks like Japanese Gods are not giving their favor to its government on their scandals of the ministry of finance and the ministry of education by Master’s reading.

This is an alarm against Mr. Abe’s government for suggesting to correct their attitudes from heaven. Everything has some meaning. Everything is under the rule of the cause and effect. If something happens to us, it is a opportunity to reflect ourselves or correcting the mind and faith in God.

How to Keep Away From Spirits of Poverty 2

“Their spirit used to be in a happy people when they live in this world, when such people die and become spiritual beings in the other word, though happiness is out of their reach, they at least feel something similar to contentment if they can make other people feel unhappy. They feel, “Ah, now you’re unhappy, too!”

They don’t wish for their own happiness but they believe their happiness fades when they mass produce unhappiness for other people. Seeing a lot of people become unhappy makes them feel as if they are happy after all. There really are spirits. like this who live in that kind of illusion; they actually are walking behind no sense. One type of such spirit is this so-called “spirits of poverty” which bring unhappiness in their economic sense.

If one of these spirits possesses company, that company will go under. If a spirit of poverty possesses people he knew while he was alive, the victims’ companies would also go under just as his company did.

This kind of thing happens often. Just as there are causes when spirits of poverty go after the people he knew in life, there are also cases in which the spirits remain attached to a certain location. In such cases, people who try to run the business there or rent the house and try to sell things they will always fail.

There are places where business frail, after another. If a factory pops up, it was bust. If a store pops up, it goes bankrupt. This might sound like I am talking about feng shui or something, but you have to be careful because there really are places where spirits of poverty have a calm earth-bound spirits.”

This is a part of the lecture “How to Keep Away Spirits of Poverty” by master Okawa.

How to Keep Away from Spirits of Poverty 1

The followings are a part from “How to Keep Away from Poverty God” by master Okawa.

“That night, a lecture at one of the Happy Science temples conducted a ritual player wishing for this person‘s recovery. When that doctors took more x-ray photographs in preparation for the surgery the next morning, bring hemorrhage had stopped. There decided not to perform the surgery and instead decided to wait and see how things went. The victim recovered at an amazing speed. His skull restored is original shape in a short amount of time. They were absolutely no aftereffects. This kind of thing actually happens.

There are some cases where in the cancer was cured in a single evening with ritual prayers happy-science. This is amazing, too, but there might be people who think, “Maybe the cancer diagnosis was actually just error in the x-ray analysis.”

However, there is a surgery no way you could say that recovering from a skull fracture and cerebral contusions was as an error in the x-ray analysts. The ritual prayers at Happy Science have the power to “move continents”.

Same thing is true companies. If a company president is possessed by the spirit of poverty of if a company president is someone who could be called an embodiment of a spirit of poverty, then saving that the company won’t be an easy task.

Even if one of his subordinates is an embodiment of a god of luck, getting rid of the negativity that the spirit of poverty generates won’t be easy unless the subordinate works extremely hard.

Spirit of poverty actually exist in this world. I generate teach, “Devils and evil spirits exist in the world. In the other world, there really are spirits who make it their “job” to make other people ill, cause accidents on them and make them suffer.”

Prosperity Thinking 11

“Naturally, the books you read will change. Your ideas will change. Your behavior will change. The things you say will change. Furthermore, the way the world treats you will change and your income will change, of course. If you change and the way you think changes, you’ll acquire the salary and position that correspond to these changes. THe world is indeed well made; it’ll give each person what that person deserves.

This is true for myself, too. Recently, I’ve come to war a ring when I give lectures. I was too embarrassed to do so 10 years ago, but now I can do it. I have “prosperity thinking”, so I can do it with absolutely no problem now. So, my way thinking is changing, too.

The truth is, right now, every nation in the world is facing difficulties. Things are bad in Europe, the U.S. and other countries, too. Even China is on the verge of an imminent bubble burst and is already starting to sink.

Therefore, if Japan can withstand the current situation, overcome disasters caused by an earthquake and take one more leap forward, it really an end up leading the world. The opportunity is here right now.

An editorial of a major Japanese newspaper once said, “The protest on Wall Street in New York are claiming that 1% of the people are rich while the other 99% are poor and suffering. We must listen to that 99%.” This is the very essence of Marxism. When I read that editorial, I felt like I was reading an editorial from decades ago. If mass media with such an outdated way of thinking are working this hard to support the administration, the nation can only be headed for poverty. We must find a way to break free from this way of thinking.

Japan must issue the next way of thinking appropriate to its current power. This means, “The time has come for the nation of Japan to hold a higher level of power, display leadership and lead the rest of the world.” Now isn’t the time to close ourselves off from the world. The world needs Japan to be a global leader. You must know this.”

This is some part of “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa.

Prosperity Thinking 10

I fully understand the reason why Europe and the US are suffering right now. The US, in particular, is trying to become like Japan but is suffering because it can’t fully become like Japan. The US is trying to “Japanize” itself but that effort isn’t going so well.

That’s to be expected. The ground that the American culture is built upon is different, so there is no way that US could do the same things Japan does. Even in the Wall Street protest, people keep talking about this disparity as is being said in Japan, but they still don’t fully understand that this alone won’t resolve the problem.

When I used to work in there it is about 30 years ago, everyone said, things that are happening in the US will start happening in Japan decayed later. Because of that, it was generally thought that you would succeed if you want to study in the US or if you looked at what happened in the American society and laid the groundwork for that in Japan ahead of time. This was true in fields like the home electronics industry and automobile industry, too.

However, that era is now well behind us. Japan must be the new role model.

In order to supplement this, I preached on the fourfold path of Love, Wisdom, Self reflection and Progress, the principles of happiness.

What I did was to introduce the concept of progress into the teachings. Without this, a religion can’t be a future oriented one. I believe we need to make the countries of Hinayana Buddhism change their way of thinking.

The origin of prosperity lies in each person. In particular, I went everyone to try to think bigger. As an individual, you need to improve yourself, at least a little. This is what I mean: “Not just your way of thinking as an individual, but all sorts of other things will change, such as your everyday life, the content of what you read, what goes on at your job and relationships with others, including relationships at work.” I want you know, “Natural consequences will follow as you grow more; all sorts of things will change in your life.”

This is some part of “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa

Prosperity Thinking 9

The followings are from “Prosperity Thinking” by master Okawa.

“Looking at the current state of Japan and all of the other nations of the word, I feel that prosperity thinking in the way of thinking needed now. It seems that that is frightening to plunge that word, including Japan, into happiness is rearing its head once more, so I strongly feel that we have no choice but to fight a war of ideologies. Are the roads, I want to fight against the spirit of full body ideology using prosperity thinking.

People in this world place far too little important on the power of the mind. They usually say, it’s a matter of emotions or it’s just a matter of how you feel. However, this means people who think in these times are still one of the worldly. More than 70 to 80% of their self-awareness is made up of view that they are nothing more than a physical being living in the third dimensional, material world. For such people, it is highly likely that even if they have faith, they still only understand about 10, 20 or 30% of their own spiritual selves.

When your spiritual awareness exceed 50% in other words, you can recognize yourself as a spiritual being more than as physical being. Your life will begin to change. Phenomenal different from what has been happening to you will also start to occur. This signifies that your worldview has changed.

Right now, we are at the stage where we must expand our teachings more and more throughout the word. Therefore, I feel that inovacion is needed back home as well. Japanese people particularly have this island nation attitude where they have smaller thinking. Japanese people have the general notion that they aren’t anything special. Thus, they only broadcast information abroad and extremely small scale.

However, The truth is that all sorts of places such the nation in Asia, Africa and South America actually look up to Japan. They have their eyes firmly set upon us, wondering, what will Japan do?what will Japan think about that?

For example, an Iranian person spent two months worth of salary to fly and attend my lecture session in Malaysia. The price of goods and income in Iran are different from those in Japan, so this person had to spend two months worth of his salary to come listen to my lecture in Malaysia. Things like this are actually happening right now. The teachings of happy-science spreading all over the world.”