Recently, I often go to Shibuya where is one of the busy places in Tokyo alongside Ginza, which is equivalent to Fifth Street in NY.

There is a scramble intersection which is very well known (may be busiest intersection in the world) .

There are so many people who are not only Japanese but also people from other countries. I just asked some elderly couple where they come from, because I thought they came from the USA, but they were from Slovakia.

In other place like around Harajuku station, we can see so many foreigners because it is a closest station for Meiji shrine, which is the biggest shrine in Tokyo.

Nowadays, we can travel wherever you want. It is a symbol of peace. I appreciate it very much.

Year 2020, we will have Tokyo Olympic, which is the first time since 1964. There and in that year much more people will visit in Japan. I hope we keep this peaceful situation.

Politically, President Trump has decreased the crisis in the Asia.

Liberal Democratic Party leadership election will be held on September 20, 2018. Mr. Shinzo Abe, incumbent president of LDP will fight with Mr. Shigeru Ishiba.

For the peace in the Asia, I think Mr. Abe who has good relationships with Mr. Trump is better than Mr. Ishiba.

I hope North Korea’s denuclearization goes as well as initially intended, and China’s military power can be restrained by the politics with Japan and the USA. Peace on earth!

運・鈍 ・根: Three keys for Success in life

It is used to be very common to be a lifetime employment for almost every companies in Japan. Now our business style has been very westernized. It requests quick results and outputs. So we fail or succeed very quickly. Is it good for us and our companies?

In the success of life, it is said in Japan that three of “luck(運), blunt(鈍), root(根)” is a necessity. In other words, it is necessary to have luck, a dull patience, and perseverance to make things succeed.

Luck: Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, originally named “Matsushita Electronics” was asked question at the Tokyo university when he made a speech. The question was “How did you succeed your businesses”, then he answered “It was only luck”. Almost all students were disappointed by that answer because they expected some more concrete methods of his success.

Actually it was a quiet right answer for him. He admitted and appreciated his workers, customers and other people’s help so that he didn’t mention about only methods of his success. People make success always say “I’m very lucky” by giving gratitude to people around and God.

Blunt or dull: it means not sensitive. It might not be related with success. What is probably intended here, rather than doing anything dexterity, I think that the person who is a little clumsy also don’t care about small stuffs to be more than one.

That means you have 胆力. It is a power of the mind that you don’t move with patience and tolerance to any problems.

Root: This represents guts or effort. Also the mind that you never give up. You continue the things for the goal day by day, day after day. It is very necessary for any success you want achieve.

Competition is very hard now in a short range but let’s win in the long range by nurturing ourselves.

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Never Give Up – Part 3

Before the 2015 championships of Ishikawa prefecture began, all players of Komatsu Otani pledge to fulfill their revenge against Seiryo who won the game by overturning from 0 – 8 at the bottom of ninth to 9 – 8 last year and they proceeded to the dream place – “Koshien” where all teams win from the local championships have tournament games there to get the champion flag to clinch a number one baseball team in Japan.

Every high school baseball boy aims to go there, as well as me at that age when I was playing a catcher in some high school in Saitama prefecture.

Since Komatsu Otani lost the game last year, they had pledged to make revenge by hard training especially Kimura who had allowed seven points in the bottom of ninth inning after succeeded the mound from the ace pitcher who graduated last year. Now he was an ace pitcher.

Kimura won two games without giving points to opponents in the first two games.

This time two finals before, they met each other. It was the fatal opportunity to revenge the last years’ their regret for Komatsu Otani.

The head coach of Komatsu Otani let all players watch the last year’s game that they miserably lost but they never had fear of anxiety, rather they regained strong fighting spirit especially Kimura.

Although he got never give up mind, he gave up three points until the top of ninth inning, the score was 0 – 3, three points behind.

But the fact is more sensational than drama.

Komatsu Otani had never given up, in the final inning they got three points, then made tie 3 – 3, still no outs and bases were filled with their runners.

The next batter was fourth batter. This time bench and stands were making so much loud voices of cheering. The second ball, he hits deep left fly, then third runner tatch up. This concluded a great victory for Komatsu Otani, they made revenge completely this time.

Everyone who were cheering in the stand were crying. Kimura said “our efforts for one year provided this win” in the interviews.

This real story tells us a never give up spirit and God never ignores our efforts.

Never Give Up – Part 2

(Continued from Never Give Up – part 1)

Seiryo could go to Koshien by defeating Komatsu Otani 9 – 8 gaining 9 points in the bottom of ninth at the championship of Ishikawa prefecture. It was a kind of miracle!

Komatsu Otani, which was defeated, had had deeply regret themselves but also the people in their local area who excited and were looking at dream to go to Koshien almost there.

After this game, the pitcher, Kimura had succeeded from the ace pitcher in the bottom of ninth where Komatsu Otani was still leading by six points but allowed seven points, had lost his words what he could say toward the one year older students who had ended their final summer.

He was so regret because he ruined old boys summer and hope to go to Koshien in just three outs, had chance to apologize it to them.

When Kimura tried to apologize, none of them criticized him, instead they appreciated him like saying “Thank you, we could come to the final because of you were there. Revenge and go to Koshien next year for us.” Especially, the ace pitcher encouraged Kimura by giving his using yellow glove to him. They are both left hand pitcher.

The team also so regret that they decided always to placed the newspaper that shows the article about their lost telling “Don’t Cry Komatsu Otani” on the bench everytime they practice.

Also in the rocker room the score of that day was always there not to forget it to the next tournament because they pledged revenge to Seiryo.

One year later, three days before the local championships starts, the head coach was wondering to show the nightmare game or not. After he finally decided to show the game, they said we could become one toward defeating Seiryo by watching the game.

(To be continued part 3)

Never Give Up! – Part 1

In Japan, the high school baseball championships is very popular, as I mentioned in the other blog before. Almost 4000 schools all over Japan attend to aim to go “Koshien”, which is a ballpark that holds grand finals that are battles between winners from the local championships throughout all prefectures.

The other day I saw the amazing documentary video in YouTube that describes unbelievable overturned game in the final matchup that the winner can move forward to Koshien, in the local championships in Ishikawa prefecture.

It was the battle between Seiryo and Komatsu Otani.

Komatsu Otani had gained 8 points and lead game 8 to 0 until ninth inning. If they got three outs they could go to Koshien, which is the dream place for all high school baseball players.

Seiryo, which is the strongest baseball team in Ishikawa, have been in Koshien so many times, almost every year.

The bottom of ninth inning which is the final inning, Seiryo gained two points without no outs from the ace pitcher who had allowed only two hits in last eight innings, although still Komatu Otani had lead 6 points, he was replaced to the pitcher who is a one year younger one.

This had made nothing that weakened Seiryo’s batting strength, rather they had increased their force, they got more four points from the new pitcher immediately.

By the loud cheering from the audience stands, all Komatsu players including their bench-warmers were swallowed, especially the young pitcher, Kimura said later he had lost his sane.

The head coach of Seiryo supposed to change Kimura, however the only one rookey pitcher was in their bench, so he couldn’t call him.

Still Komatsu Okatani had lead tow points, however, Kimura allowed two points easily, it made them tie, 8-8.

Komatsu Otani had nothing to change this situation, they couldn’t stop this stream at all, they allowed “Sayonara” (good-by) hit and they were defeated.

This is one of miracle games in the history, but story was not the end.

(To be continued to Part 2)

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Harmonize Relationships

Today I have attended some of my colleagues’ seminar. At the beginning, she introduced her story about her dream that she saw last night. It was about UFO and an alien. An alien came from UFO and told that do not forget faith in God.

Anyway she talked about how to harmonize your relationships.

There are seven tips.

Stop finding faults

We are like a polyhedron that has many faces, of course we have faults but also good points, too.

Stop sending negative thoughts

We are essentially a spiritual being dwells in a body. Our thoughts are transmitted from our chest to other people, if you are sensitive, you can feel them.

Stop saying negative words

Words do many things in our life. Once they are emitted from your mouth, they do a job.

Realize what others have done for you

We all choose your parents, a spouse, siblings, children before you born.

Also we don’t recognize all the things that others have done for you. Count what the person whom you have a difficulty have don for you.

Start to see their good points

Also count your foe’s good points

Start giving your selfless love

Selfless love means love that gives without no return, just give but expect no return from the person who you gave love.

Start offering good words

What are good words? For example, you are very nice, thank you, I appreciate you, you are cool, so on. Even it is OK saying in your mind.

These are the tips from her seminar. Thank you!

No Excuse

We have had two typhoons in two days recently in Japan. One was across the south of Japan. Another one was a little closer than the one before and gave some effects in Tokyo area overnight yesterday.

I could hear the sound of heavy rainstorm and strong wind throughout night. Good thing was no critical damages brought by that so trains run normally from the morning. Bad thing is that these typhoons have brought so much more moisture that we have now so much humidity than the days before typhoons came.

Now is close to the end of August, it is so uncomfortable by such moisture.

The worst place is in a train. It smells so badly by our sweat. Sometimes we cannot stand it, I saw some woman covered her nose by her handkerchief, that’s I can understand.

Today, what I want say to you and also me is that whatever circumstances we have, we should not complain, never say excuses, rather we have to accept it as it is for our soul training.

It is often said that a cow makes milk while a snake produces poison even they drink the same water of a river. Actually everyone is living in same circumstances as is Tokyo area, it depends on each one’s mind and thinking, whether we make a milk or poison.

Japanese “salaryman”, in Japan, we call “white color” as salaryman, is very hard job. We have to wear a shirt and leather shoes even these uncomfortable days in summer.

But no excuses should be made because we choose this area and this age for our evolution of the soul.

There is some meaning in each life for each soul.

Now my station is here. So I have to walk in a “sauna”.

Stay or Move

Now I’m stuck in the middle of the train on the way to return to home at Ikebukuro station due to the traffic accident resulting in personal injury or death for about one hour.

Announcements telling information about alternative ways from the office are repeatedly saying that “All trains are not to be operated soon, it takes much time to run trans so please use other lines” urging not to stay in the train.

Yes, I can use alternative lines informed to go around to home, but I don’t know how much it takes and how soon this line is active.

Some people follow that information then had left from this train or without patience. But I don’t know what I should do. I was wondering for over half hour there in the train if I use other line to go to the station near my home or not. Almost one hour passed, still I cannot decide what to do. I checked the information through the internet by my iPhone. But I cannot get enough information to decide stay or move to the other line. My battery of iPhone is getting less and less to 26%. My legs and back are hurting. I envy the people sitting in front of me.

Still I cannot decide what to do. If someone is looking at this situation from far above, he can tell what I have to do.

One and a half hour passed but I am standing and still wondering what to do, stay or move.

In this situation only I can do is to write this blog. Actually it is good to spend time to write a blog.

The train is getting so crowded by the people who hurry to come home as well as me.

It is 10:00 pm now, then we got the announcement telling about starting operations.

I stayed in the train standing for over one hour half, now my train is moving.

I think my patience won this game, if I moved to the other line it would take more minutes than this train.

Usually patience is virtue. This time is also. Now in ten minutes I am going to arrive at my station.

My. Fuji – Spirit of Japan

We, my family took a two-days short trip to Hakone where the very well-know as one of best resorts near Tokyo and used be a honeymoon area like Niagara halls but anymore because it is usually to go abroad.

For us, it was the first time since we married together, actually, we were poor and busy so that we couldn’t afford to go to abroad as our honeymoon.

The weather was predicted rain these days but it was a wonderful weather, not hot and not cold for two days.

We stayed one of cheap “Ryokan”s in Gora area. A ryokan is like a lodge but very Japanese style hotel that usually provide a “Yukata” which is like a “Kimono” for a guest. I enjoyed wearing a yukata that we don’t usually wear in our common lifestyle nowadays, except a special occasion in a “Matsuri” (festival). Indeed I wear one the first time since my last trip for Hakone almost a couple decades ago. I realized that it is very fit for Japanese humid weather because it is very comfortable at night for sleep.

From the ryokan where we stayed, Fuji-mountain was not able to see because there is a mountain before that.

The first time we could see the Fuji-mountain was at the Owakudani, which is an active volcano smelling sulphur very much. Using it, shops around there sell black-shell eggs at five for 500 yen saying it is good for a long life.

The Fuji-mountain is a symbol of Japan. It represents our beauty of the soul and a spirit of Shintoism. I think it is one of the best beautiful mountain in the world, everytime we see the mountain, we feel our soul will be polished as long as you are Japanese. However my children who have grown up in the US seems like they don’t feel as we feel, at least as I feel.

Anyway, our essential figure is a soul, we always take care of it, I felt like that and also got a great power from our symbol.


Chinatown and Freedom

I visited Chinatown in Yokohama yesterday. I’ve in Chinatown in San Francisco and New York so many times because I have lived in Bay Area twice and New York area four times. Comparing to Japanese one and the others. Yokohama Chinatown is much more modernized and commercialized than the others. The Gate of Chinatown of Yokohama is much more beautiful than San Francisco’s one while there is no gate in New York Chinatown, l’ve never seen one before.

New York Chinatown is much more dirty than the others. It is more like living space while the other one are more sightseeing spots.

I was with my family so we entered one of main street’s restaurant, it looks like everything these restaurants have a course menu which is you can order as many as you want at 1,980 yen without tax. We ordered twenty dishes including Peking duck. These dishes were as good as other Chinatowns in the US. although these were arraigned to Japanese people, personally I like the taste in the US because they are more vivid and stronger than Japanese ones.

Unless the volume of Japanese dishes were much much less than ones in the US, indeed we enjoyed them very much.

As the saying is that in major cities in the US have Chinatown, Chinese people are so independent and strong that we, Japanese have to learn from them.

However, Chinese government is so brutal and cruel. They reduces human rights and suppresses people’s liberty. That’s we have to change by the ideology and idea of freedom from outside of China and should open that country as a complete liberty country so that Japan as a neighbor who is threatened by them can get along with them well. I hope it comes soon.