Keep Doing Something

While I was doing a regular evening meditation, I got the idea that what I would write for this blog. Now I am starting to write it, there is no such an idea remembered, I have lost to write about it completely.

Now I am wondering what to write, in actuality it is very pain in a neck everyday for me what should I write. Even though, good thing is I have been still writing a blog since I started almost five months ago whoever read them or not. It doesn’t matter for me, to tell the truth, it really matters. Anyway, I feel that it became so easier for me to write blogs than before at the time when I started it.

I checked how many blogs I have posted, it is now 133 in five months. Still I am beginner and learning grammar to write by reading English books.

My first motivation when I started was to tell the Buddhist truths that I have been studying for over thirty years to English speakers. That is still alive in my heart, that is very good. I congratulate myself.

It is only five months but to keep continuing is a power. To keep doing is a discipline to change yourself and improve your ability.

Now it became my habit. A good habit forges good personality, a good personality creates good life, To keep doing good things is not easy, especially at the beginning. In Japan it is often said that “Three days monk”. It means you can continue your discipline only three days then quit.

If someone is reading this, I would like you to start something good for you or your life. Keep doing it whatever happened for at least three months then it becomes a good habit.

I imagine that It must be easier for you compare to my discipline because as you know writing is not so easy, even you write in your mother language, I’m willing in English as second language. Moreover, it is not a secret daily, it is a public, although not so many people are reading, it is very tough for me.

So let’s keep doing something good for us everyday for creating a good habit to change our life and evolve our souls.